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  1. We’re gonna need an update on this one Op


  3. Have have to laugh at this county or I will cry. Canada is resource rich. We have managed & wild forests, whole provinces dedicated to wheat, corn, barley and potatoes. Huge industries for meat, poultry and pork. Rich fishing territories. The world's largest fresh water reserves. Huge potash deposits. Amongst the world's largest petrochemical reserves.

  4. Fairly recent article on it. Should be a quick Google search. Jokes on me if it was satire and it went over my head lol

  5. I'd perpetually be in trouble if I were a fighter pilot for buzzing things. Because every time I play a flight simulator or any other game that has planes, I just cannot help myself.

  6. You don’t get a sense of the speed flying high and mighty above everything, you need some static structures to get that sense (or clouds)

  7. Anybody got the number to that truck driving school? Think this guy may be needing it...

  8. Not that I need one (I'm holding onto my "old pattern" one until it's as threadbare as some of the combats people talk about on this sub), but aren't all of them charging $1600 now?

  9. I’m not sure - I’ve only had the pleasure of wearing mine literally once - with inflation, I’d guess they’re charging $2000 min

  10. This is called "para-hawking", and they use tame/trained birds (apparently), so as cool as it seems, it's unlikely a wild bird that just happens to take a fancy to him.

  11. If I put in an application now, will we have F35s by the time I make it through the backlogs?

  12. A lot of senior commanders watched Top Gun this weekend and loved the F/A 18 Superhornet

  13. I don’t understand why he’s so fixated on the trans population. He’s not one, it sounds like he really doesn’t know any. He’s funny when he talks about stuff he knows about. This is not it.

  14. I think cuz it gets people riled up - him not knowing about it just adds another layer of ridiculousness

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