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  1. I’ve had a colonoscopy booked for May! I actually am pregnant so they didn’t want to do it at this time, I’ve just been taking Metamucil to help slow things down during the day but I still have my morning issues!

  2. Someone once said to me they’ve never had vegan food….my response: oh you’ve never had a banana?

  3. Boy, I don’t see it as gender neutral and would find it weird on a girl!

  4. Same, started last late November and just upgraded to th12. Was fully maxed th11 except for a few spell upgrades, but was sitting on resources and it was the end of the season. I’ve spent no money on the game, I’ve done the challenges for the prizes (lab potions, builder potions, sold other potions for gems to buy hero books), I’ve maxed Otto back in September, and now spend my raid medals on lab potions. From time to time I’ve spent a few gems to speed up build times only if it made sense (to not have builders sleep overnight, etc), but only at th11. I’ve never bought the gold pass either.

  5. Buy training and clock potion to sell them for 10gems if you have enough medals.

  6. I realized this two weeks ago. Helpful in buying books! You can only buy 3 research potions per week anyways so if your clan is winning 700+ raid medals a week, dump the rest into the 100 medal potions

  7. I always said “one day”, and then for family that just got too nosy, I told them we had been for 8 months already after they kept probing. Other people would offer me advice like sex during fertile week etc and it just got so frustrating, but I didn’t share with them.

  8. Screw that, you not going is a form of silent protest. I don’t care who it’s for, attending that would be seriously messed up and even maybe harmful for your mental health.

  9. Juice together a lemon, turmeric piece, ginger piece and carrot, drink as a shot. This helps me when I’m sick :)

  10. Octavia is on my list as well :)

  11. I take the garden of life prenatals, it’s a once daily. I also take a dha on top of it!

  12. I take the Garden Of Life prenatal, however my naturopath found that they lacked some things, so I am taking something called Lecithin (usually found in eggs I think?), additional Folate as the Folate wasn’t as high as she liked and also Nutravege Omegas (needs both DHA and EHA). My doctor double checked this all, and agreed with her, so was happy with my supplements.

  13. Interesting! From what I’ve read the recommended is 400 mcg and this prenatal has 600 mcg, my doctor hasn’t said anything! I’m switching my dha to a mixed one that I’ve seen recently released.

  14. I have the maxi cosi which is vegan leather. The uppababy is one of the few I know that has leather. I suggest getting a bucket seat for the infant days before the convertible. Just easier to transfer when they’re really young

  15. My partner was just saying this that we could always get the 4in1 style after, and start off with a stroller with the car seat!

  16. Gut microbes feed on fiber which is onlay found in plants. They’re confusing adding microbes with feeding them. Check out The book “Fiber Fueled”

  17. Adding to this. Fueling your gut microbiome with animal based foods actually makes less desirable species proliferate causing negative downstream effects. I read Fiber fueled as well and it’s a great book for learning about gut microbiome diversity. As an added note, if you REALLY wanted to “add” microbes, there are dairy free kefirs with probiotics, and you can take supplements. Also tons of probiotics and probiotics in fermented foods like sauerkraut.

  18. Dale. Rewatching the show and he annoys the hell out of me!

  19. I feel like I could have written this myself, but I’m 27. Honestly, as depressing as it can get thinking about all the cruelty and pain animals suffer, and how stupid, naive and hypocritical the majority of the human race is, I would choose this life again and again. I cannot fathom returning to my old life philosophy (or lack thereof). That’s just not possible, I’d rather not be alive than not be vegan. So if I’m going to continue on this planet, it’s going to be in a way that reduces as much suffering for animals as I can. Compassion, to this extent where we apply it to animals and other beings apart from just humans, is an ASSET and to be commended, not judged or frowned upon by others. Not to be cocky, but I am damn proud by my understanding of the world and what true compassion is. I know deep inside I’m on the right side of history, and others can try and judge me for it but one day, I know many more who judge me now will understand one day. Just as I judged other vegans when I was younger, including an extended family member, and now I know better. I wish it was earlier that I changed for the better, but I can’t beat myself up over it.

  20. You didn’t mention how long you’ve been ntnp?

  21. Rice cookers are underrated. You can also make oatmeal breakfasts in advance in them without needing to pay attention to the stove while it’s cooking, and you can make way more than rice in terms of grains. If it has a steamer you can easily steam veggies as well, and then all you need to worry about is tofu, tempeh or whatever legumes meat alternatives proteins you use.

  22. Try the plant based sub since you’re talking about a diet rather than avoiding animal exploitation and supporting animal rights. Also, watch Dominion.

  23. I did, I used a scoring stylus pen. As soon as I fold along the line it cracks and shows the white paper underneath :(

  24. Is that white showing all the way up? The picture looks like the top isn’t like that? I manually score with my trimmer since I don’t have a scoring blade, and I really go over it a few times and I seem to have less problems. But, perhaps it’s less noticeable with lighter colours and noticeable more with darker shades!

  25. Carnist pet owners are the worst, the hypocrisy is ridiculous.

  26. I tried to do this yesterday and ended up peeling the circle off from the ornament. It wasn’t even a round a ornament but a disc. I tried to heat the ornament, no luck. Even a smaller circle wouldn’t have gone on. I ended up changing my design and leaving the circle out.

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