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  1. the rules should be simplified so that immigration is only opened to those jobs that cannot be filled by locals.

  2. Thankfully the republicans will spook Democrats into not increasing immigration.

  3. ? No assumptions needed. Thanks to free markets, investing is pitifully easy. If you have savings, DCA on the way down. If you have alot of cash, add in lump sums during big falls.

  4. That's certainly one strategy. I hope it works out for you.

  5. If it doesn't, I'm as screwed as the boomers anyway. It's the only way to build wealth outside of real estate. In fact , we may be all screwed. Might be a good thing , since the last time we were collectively screwed was the great depression, which gave us vital social program.

  6. I've been on MARTA. I've see beggars on MARTA. I've seen homeless in the stations. It's not as bad as NYC!

  7. Not yet. Wait till the bleeding heart limo liberals move in and fight to keep homeless sleeping on the trains out of "compassion".

  8. LoL. Atlanta has been blue for as long as I've lived here.

  9. Dems are different by region. I'm considered a conservative Dem in NY but a mainstream liberal in Michigan.

  10. Ok but you can’t change the policy rules AFTER a storm/risk occurrence. That’s not how it works… Reform definitely needs to happen.

  11. Republicans taught me you can do whatever the flying fladoodle you want , as long as it is not an enumerated right :). So yes they can change the rules.

  12. Every single day I wake up astonished that Florida has the highest net migration of any state in the nation. I can’t figure it out.

  13. Massive government subsidies. If you cut them off, you'll get called socialist.

  14. Dems are too bleeding heart for their own good. Resurrect LBJ, he'd have desantis on his knees begging.

  15. This is a violation of the civil rights act of 1964 as amended.

  16. How do you plan to sell this to the masses that their job was weak and they'll go to a more productive job in some future with a lower wage ? If you told the people In the 90s the devastation that would be caused to US communities by opening free trade to a communist country, socialists would win forever.

  17. This. Everything is based on growth.

  18. Good, if John locke could figure out capitalism, I'm sure the next philosopher can figure out something for a low growth world.

  19. So when they retire, what’s to stop employers from hiring talent living in other countries, H1B visa holders, and using automation to enable fewer people to do the same or more work?

  20. What's stopping them? Bipartisanship against immigration. Rs will use it as a major crutch against Dems, and Dems will capitulate since they need swing voters. Easy

  21. Has starlink expanded to your area? They're satellite.

  22. Starlink is more for rural users, Elon said they can't replace the traditional ISP...yet. maybe in the future though!

  23. Musk can activate it anywhere in the world tho. In fact it would be able to replace traditional isp in many places with faster speeds.

  24. that's true but in a normal college you're exposed to the material for a minimum of 4.5 months. This makes it harder to forget than if you crammed for a week and took the test and moved on

  25. My original bachelor degree was in medical field at a state school. I can confirm that it was all just pump and dump to survive until graduation. Then another pump and dump for the licensing exam.

  26. Quoting witches and legally lying about super precedent. It is clear these conservative justices had a radical agenda. Now we're stuck with them anyway, but I hope future Democrats realize the constitution vests the purse to Congress :).

  27. Merely quoting an old case that is a side point and isn’t the main argument of the overruling? As I mentioned above the main point of roe was it had protection under the right of privacy. Even Ruth B Ginsburg said that doesn’t hold up well and would’ve been better off under the equal protection clause. Lying about super precedent? Over ruling precedent is a great power the Supreme Court and it has worked very well in the past. Congress does have power and can exercise it. States can also pass laws like weed. I never said I was against abortion I only disagreed that the court was illegitimate.

  28. The court is illegitimate. When will Dems learn that the power of the purse is power vested to Congress...not the judiciary :)?

  29. Why does the west accept such bullying from a nation with a shriveled army that can't even defend against China ?

  30. It would all but guarantee a Democrat in the Whitehouse in 2024 as Trump would then run as an independent pledging to stop the corruption not just from the Dems but from the RINO's.

  31. But their stance doesn’t answer the question put forth.

  32. It's settled law, a super precedent , a precedent on precedent.

  33. Not just federal courts but according to the theory, state legislatures can throw out the votes of their constituents and appoint whoever they want even if the state constitution directly prohibits such a thing or the state courts rule that it violates their state laws.

  34. This does not mean that commissions and state judiciary can't regulate the state houses though... And this is where Dems need to focus more. Push ballot referendums for independent commissions. Even if state judiciary can't enforce anything on the legislature for federal elections, they can for state elections ;). Also , NY can then sue their supreme court to under ISL and gerrymander the republicans to 1-4 seats max. Colorado can then sue and do the same, and new Jersey, and Maryland , and Washington , and Connecticut. The R states are already gerrymandered to hell so there's very little room they have left compared to liberal states who have commissions.

  35. Term limits are always good things, but can you please do abortion tomorrow?

  36. They'll prob allow the last 2 tomorrow. At least abortion will go through.

  37. My school let us pick from a list, and I was able to take a history course I needed for a separate requirement, it was like US history focusing on mexicans. I really enjoyed the class and I definitely wouldn’t have learned it on my own.

  38. I don't care about well rounding. I was poor and working full time. My goal is to GTFO of college with a degree that makes me money.

  39. My argument for why liberal arts classes are a benefit is that it teaches a different way of viewing issues that don’t just have a straight answer to them like some engineering, or science subjects do. There is no equation, law or theory that just makes something the way it is. For example my history classes had plenty of prompts during exams were pretty much a format of “open ended question” then it was “take two of three prompts, use both of these prompts to synchronize an argument against the question.” Since there is no one answer to the question it teaches you that you how to make an argument using the information available to you in a critical manner.

  40. This a Deep answer, but as someone who did a stem degree, humanities was a "bs your way and kiss up " to pass lmao.

  41. The cynic in me knows that all this talk of capitulation is only until the US Mid term elections. We will see a significant increase in hostilities post those mid terms.

  42. Good. The Bolshevik must pay. The west must flex it's muscles for once against the big government eastern world and stand as one.

  43. Curbing immigration? Na. Subsidize new building ? Na. Interest rates?yes

  44. We need people to work and spend money, with a decreasing population that our GDP will shrink.

  45. Disposable income is dropping while rents soar. This needs Volcker crashes (not during a D admin hopefully ). Housing crash will drop rents and housing prices.

  46. The deadline is the 9th for wording to be sent to the SoS.

  47. The Democrats finally realize they can use the second amendment to peacefully protest ? About damn time......

  48. It needs to crash tbh. But no politician wants to admit it.

  49. Then most of us are paying too much rent then. It's clear a housing crash is a necessity, but not politically palpable. A massive demand side crash and subsidized supply increase needs to happen before normalization can occur.

  50. Housing market will come to a complete stop in next three months. Interest rates will go up until we hit 7% the fed will continue to raise rates until inflation is 2%. Powell made this clear

  51. Housing market crash? Good thing I got a lot of cash waiting on high yields !

  52. Is it a bad strategy though? Less profit in USA but you have to hire here or no profit in India and sanctions ?

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