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  1. Out of interest, have you been diagnosed with ADHD? There are some behaviours that seem to correlate on face value.

  2. After reading your comment(and all the others) I went down a rabbit hole reading about ADHD, for like 12 hours straight...I havn't slept much... It describes my life to a T. My mind is blown. It turned out to be a very emotional process reading about peoples experiences getting diagnosed in their 30's. It was like reading a story written about my own life. Relationship challenges, academic challenges, career challenges. They all echo my life story.

  3. Bought livestock and agisted them on a farm that had excess grass. If you’ve seen the cattle price graph you’ll know it’s been absolutely skyrocketing since COVID hit. Worked out nicely. Just wish I had bought more at the start

  4. Can anyone tell me about their experience using Up Bank? My brother uses it and it sounds like the app is similar to YNAB with budgeting goals and tracking. Is there a catch?

  5. Do other people have a quick and dirty job option that temps them? I have a standing offer to go drive large farming machinery for silly per hour rate and it would allow me to do as many hours as I could physically handle. Housing, food etc provided. If you want to work weekends you can. It’s tempting to drop my current career, go do this for a year to get that first $100k in the bank.

  6. $90k + super. been working fulltime for about 5 years in middle manager role. Due for salary increase

  7. Use YNAB properly. I use it retrospectively at the end of the month to look where my money wen't. But that isn't helping with my spending decision making in the moment. I want to start looking at my budget to make sure I have room for any purchase I make.

  8. If you are passionate about becoming a vet I would commit and make it work. I’ve had friends who changed careers and went through everything that entails for years but now on the other side are extremely happy. Ideally you can move in to something with better pay.

  9. I know a few vets and all work extremely long hours. Having said that, they are all very well compensated so if your goal is FIRE it may be a fastrack to achieving that. You would need to do the calcs based on extra study time/HECS of course. But most of the ones I know would be making $200k-$400k. And if you're willing to do on-farm large animal work you can get that $200k+ straight out of uni.

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