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  1. bff i just so u know if u order a regular blonde shaken espresso with cinnamon powder, oat milk and brown sugar instead of classic it’s the exact same thing for like 50 cents less!

  2. why does anyone work any job??? Do you really think that starbucks was everyone’s first choice? their dream? Unions are happening for a reason and everyone is just trying to get by. Inflation is crazy, every place is “hiring” but no one is getting interviews and we need healthcare.

  3. tbh my only bother is the foam. starbucks has like 7 different foam flavors rn so i kinda wish more people would just stick to that.

  4. if they don’t give us guidelines and you can’t do it in the app my store doesn’t do it .

  5. This probably won’t be a popular opinion, but I don’t see the harm in many things like this. So often baristas thrive off of telling people no. Brewed coffee is so cheap, and most of it gets dumped anyways…. Attitude is important of course, and the entitlement isn’t ideal. That being said, I loved our store regulars and felt like being able to do a little extra for them here and there just enhanced our relationship! Being a yes man just felt a lot more fulfilling, and that was my general store culture. I understand that not all regulars are kind and am sorry if that’s the case in this scenario.

  6. I do not care about the coffee theres just no reason for him to yell at people over something free in the first place. it’s not just a little extra at that point.

  7. i found the guy that yells at employees for not automatically giving him free coffee u guys

  8. I think it’s pretty good. I’d just recommend splitting the syrup in half.

  9. this is cheating but the way i always make it consistent is by putting the milk in the pitcher and then just putting the water in the next line up n steaming. it’s not standard but it is consistent.

  10. the biggest thing is to moisturize. just don’t expect your hair to look like this fully moisturized though. you could fully detangle then use the LCO method (liquid, cream, oil) or just a leave in. for extra definition try finger coils. again your hair will just be what it is meant to be so that is the closest your hair could get to that without altering your curl pattern.

  11. that microfoam is chefs kiss glossy and smooth

  12. ✨manifesting✨ I’m 18 as well. And I’m so happy for you. Gen Z dating culture is hard for me to navigate. (Not that I know much other other generational dating cultures lol ) but I just want what you have for myself at some point. I hope you stay this happy. (Or get happier)

  13. it IS difficult. i really wasn’t even expecting a relationship and it snuck up on me out of nowhere really.

  14. You paid for a drink that has syrup in it and then said nope don't want that. It's not smart enough to change the base drink whose price includes the syrup in it

  15. my brother in christ i’m a barista just making fun of the person that got this drink lol

  16. And posting a picture with the finger was a useful way to ask for assistance? Why do that?

  17. their frozen vanilla chai with salted caramel swirls ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. yta but very softly. it is no ones fault that your father passed and it’s terrible but as respectfully as I can say it, the world does not revolve around you. in the sense these are people that see families heart broken every single day and if they took the time every single moment to hurt and mourn with you they could sink into a real depression. It hurts but it’s true, they have to be able to detach and be desensitized to these moments and get a BREAK. they were on their breaks. i’m so sorry for you loss.

  19. just do a month airbnb so it’s completely furnished and no hassle. easiest way for sure.

  20. Try a monthly airbnb and rent the place for a month or two while you continue your search

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