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  1. You can estimate it, based on machine learning. See:

  2. The only way that this would make sense is if you can re-frame it as volunteer work as part of a non-profit organization. Something along the lines of helping organize and contribute to a group that entertains sick children, promotes physical activity, teaches skills, etc.

  3. All doctors will inevitably be replaced, some sooner then others.

  4. Because the military’s R & D is done by private contractors.

  5. I mean, how hard is it to look at DARPA's website and see the projects? Finding out who won the contracts is a little harder, but it's out there. And when they publish, they say who funded them. See:

  6. Guantanamo torture for you and your family also works.

  7., that's not what happens, that's completely unnecessary hyperbole. You end up in prison in the US, not Guantanamo. And, no, your family doesn't go to prison unless they also broke the law.

  8. "We" don't have anything. Scientists, researchers, and those familiar with the 3 phases of clinical trials do.

  9. Many articles are fully available, for example the Nature article I linked earlier. Not all, true, but plenty to make informed decisions. And there is always scihub.

  10. Zippers follow the same pattern you'll see on buttoned coats. Men's and women's coats traditionally button on different sides. The left side has the button holes on men's coats with the right having the button holes on women's. Just some arbitrary distinction someone somewhere sometime decided.

  11. I actually have a very nice waterproof jacket that turns out to be the 'wrong' gender. It was really cheap since it was a strange size for that gender. Anyway, as nice as it is, I find it a pain to zip because my hands are used to doing it the other way. Before I got it, I hadn't even considered that they had 'sides'.

  12. I was once asked why I chose IT for my field at the time.

  13. 'If the women don't find you handsome, make sure they find you handy.' -- Red Green

  14. That really should be a job for the regulators. Every car that has advanced cruise control or lane keeping should be keeping a record, and when there is an accident, it should be recorded, and the results should be published.

  15. Per 1000 vehicles is a poor metric. Per mile is actually what's important. I use autopilot almost 100% of the interstate miles on my Tesla and never use the lane keep on my wife's Explorer.

  16. All miles are not created equal. As you point out, you use autopilot on the interstate. That makes sense, as it is a much more controlled environment than downtown. I'd argue that accidents per mile isn't a good value unless you break it down by where those miles occur.

  17. You're probably joking, but it would be reasonable to have the AGI at least review all of physics and see if it could produce at least one of the following:

  18. Not OP, but computer programming and remote admin. The hours are sporadic / on-call, but I work remote, so get to hang at home. Unlike the factory / moving jobs I have had, the work is physically easy, boss is decent, pay is pretty good. So, decent all around. Yeah, i'm in the wrong sub.

  19. Exactly. NASA isn’t gonna come out one day a press release saying “we found definitive proof of aliens.” It would be more like “we found something we think might be aliens, give us a few years to check it out.”

  20. They already did the 'we think we found something':

  21. I think that when you are initially given access to Dall-E, there are lots of different things to try. But, after a while, you run out of new ideas, and go back to variations of old ideas that work.

  22. I like the little callback in Wandavision of him doing a slight of hand trick with his card

  23. This is extremely hard, because you're trying to separate 'real' sentience with something that it trying to simulate or approximate sentience. We would be trying to separate something that has an internal experience, qualia, and understanding from something that has been trained to produce results that look like something with an internal experience.

  24. Pretty sure its the worst cancer of them all, yeah? As far as I know by the time you know you've got it its too late, and you've got 3-6 months left.

  25. Here is a chart of cancer 5-year survival rates:

  26. Yeah, a lot of people are saying that the person who did her nose was the same guy who did Michael Jackson's nose.

  27. Yeah, she doesn't look right. maybe its the toll of the past couple of years, but maybe it's bad surgery. But something is up.

  28. Whats the point of this graph? The y axes aren't even scaled the same way...

  29. yeah, it's completely misleading since the scales don't match. Try doing it with both of them starting at zero. Oh, look, gold barely moves compared to bitcoin.

  30. 442 authors wrote a paper combining 204 tasks and tested 15 large models against them and compared with human evaluators.

  31. Romanchak is good. You'll have to travel to his house, as he has lessons back to back (because he's good). He concentrates on classical, substantial amount of theory.

  32. JVs, in Falls Church on Rt. 50. Open Mic every tuesday, I think.

  33. Try JV's at the corner of Annandale and Rt. 50, Falls Church. They have open mic basically every week (and live music every night).

  34. My understanding was he owned the stadium himself, but not the land, which is still owned by PG County. Hence, he'd still have to negotiate with the county to build a new stadium or enhance the current one on that site. I could have some of those details wrong, but I thought that's the current arrangement.

  35. It's not like PG county is going to tell him no if he wants to do it.

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