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  1. It is set by rating - not merit or any kind of judgement.

  2. The FIRST thing to try is a new profile (more gentle than simply 'resetting').

  3. I don't like Hamburgers, I'm not using a touchscreen...

  4. Actually just set to zero - not disabled. That link is 7 years old...

  5. Surprisingly it seems nobody actually using KDE on X11 knows - but actually...

  6. AI does create though. It famously won an art contest last year. You can ask GPT for Midjourney prompts that a human probably wouldn't think of, and it will give you some. That's pretty creative if you ask me. The "it taps into what has been created" argument doesn't make any sense because humans do the same thing.

  7. Sorry, my confused post - yes, it can create - but it isn't 'creative' in the sense of intelligent art.

  8. Just for reference, what would you consider an example of creative intelligent art by humans?

  9. This is an interesting question more difficult to answer than to understand...

  10. I see, in amazon spain it's around 15 euros, which at the moment I don't have as I'm not working, but I'll look into it.

  11. Amazon sucks - aren't there any local sites, we have 'Shopee' and 'Lazada' in Thailand, which have to compete with local shops...

  12. about:profiles Create a new profile, name the folder e.g. icallbullshiet Create a new profile, name the folder e.g. Nobody

  13. hi thank you so much for your time on this message.But this is not what i am looking for i am afraid ^^this does not run a seperate .exe instance.Also this needs a warning attached, cause i have overwritten my before opened tabs somehow doing this one time before. because it auto defaults to your new profile as the main once made.

  14. No, that's not true - but the last profile launched,

  15. Just don't bother asking. iTunes is a nightmare even on Windows - and options for managing iOS devices on linux are random, and in my experience not worth the hassle.

  16. Idk what a snapshot but I got the o.s on my USB drive and I don't have much on the pc. So I'm guess same principle?

  17. Is KDE still pretty heavy as far as resources goes? I haven’t used it in over 10 years.

  18. I despised KDE with a vengence. I went with Cinnamon after Gnome2.

  19. Give us a download link to try it out.

  20. On the same topic: any easier way to generate a password than going to a website and going to a register form? In about:logins for example?

  21. When you make all the websites aware of that, then I won't have this request.

  22. I think Firefox built in password manager is pants - and with no easily accessible settings...

  23. Wow, that's crazy - I can't see how a new profile can't fix this.

  24. Usually 'resintalling' applications has absolutely no ability to fix things unless you messed something up/deleted some system component yourself.

  25. When I want to use extensions with Reader mode, I use

  26. Do you have any ability to look at logs or error messages?

  27. So am I, I didn't update until yesterday afternoon.

  28. Well - tell them they need to plug in a USB and save data because the computer won't store it. Sounds a bit more friendly ;)

  29. Hello! I'm having the same problem.

  30. I just got this after upgrading to plasma 5.27.3 from 5.26xx Can't find any answers...

  31. That would really depend on how you installed them.

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