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  1. Given the number of contracts that will expire soon, I feel it's likely that we will hear more and more stories about people unhappy with creative, similar to who we've been hearing from ex-WWE guy.

  2. The main thing that avoids too many comparisons to WWE for me is the ability for performers to at least work in other places.

  3. Vickie could've been over if she would've been used more than sparingly.

  4. But every segment they gave her was pretty much panned...

  5. Making guns illegal would never work in the US. There's more registered guns in the hands of civilians then there are people in the country. Add to that all the illegal guns owned by gangs and the ones in the hands of the pice and military

  6. I really hate seeing people make this argument without at the very least offering an alternative suggestion.

  7. I'd say requiring a mental health check and making people wait to be able to purchase a gun would help a lot. Aslo increase the number of conditions that ban you from being able to legally purchase a gun. But go ahead keep down voting me

  8. This would at least be a start and hopefully from there you could gradually move towards making commercial sale of guns completely illegal.

  9. People that have worked with Sabu have said this for a long time now. It was to work people into believing there was always a chance some shit would go wrong, so if it went right it was extra sick. Really pretty smart stuff.

  10. Yeah, Sabu worked a high risk style that actually felt high risk, I'd actually feel anxious when he went for certain moves but I was glued to the screen.

  11. Fightful is just trying to get clicks again. There is zero evidence of this. Anything that isn't an IWC storyline is now "Vince's fault".

  12. This is the vibe I'm getting. I'd assume HHH does consult with Vince on some things still so I wonder whether some people have just got carried away with that.

  13. There has been some pretty AEW defenders/pushers who seemed to be even more annoying then usual thanks to Wrestlemania, one particularly claiming AEW has some sort of "secret plan" to deal a major blow on WWE with the Dynamite after Wrestlemania and they are all for AEW making Wrestlemania feel irrelevant. And to think these guys wanting AEW to sign all the hot free agents wasn't annoying enough and ironically don't see why that would become an issue.

  14. I'm pretty sure most AEW fans find those people annoying, any fan that seems to put too much of their identity into what wrestling show they prefer (regardless of what show that is) are annoying.

  15. Wasn't he on board with Billy Gunn showing up for the DX reunion as long as they mentioned he was in AEW? I can see him thinking something similar for a Christian cameo

  16. Yeah seems pretty reasonable to me, just up to WWE to decide whether it's worth it to them.

  17. Literally the only team on there who could be nearly as good as FTR is Aussie Open. I say keep FTR at all costs and sign the Aussies anyway

  18. MCMGs are definitely in that league.

  19. Started part 1 and man oh man is this a hard listen. This is the most American podcast I’ve heard in a long time.

  20. The humour is a little too much for me at times as well but Marcus Parks is genuinely a fantastic researcher and I tend to stick with them for that.

  21. I assume Jim Cornette levels of hate. They have a distinctive style and if that's not for you then that's entirely fair, but some people take it way beyond that.

  22. Cole v Garcia will be great but the inevitable post match beat down that welcomes Cole to the JAS black hole puts a dampener on it. Cole vs Guevara , Cole vs Hager, Cole/Midcard face vs Jericho/Guevara, Cole vs Jericho on TV and Cole vs Jericho 2 at DoN is your Dynamite end of the first hour schedule for the next two months

  23. I think we're still building JAS vs HoB and Sammy has his build to the pillars four way, with all that going on I'm hoping this will stand alone as it's own thing, especially after that great promo from Garcia.

  24. lmao at them dropping Parker and Trench. everyone knew involving them was a bad idea yet they persisted with that.

  25. I found Trench debuting entertaining... mostly because I can't remember the last time the IWC was so genuinely confused as to who someone was.

  26. Reading that blurb just reminded me how much I loved Yu Gi Oh and deck building games when I was a kid, I'm really curious to check this out.

  27. You're getting downvoted but I really don't find City's football appealing to watch either, I can appreciate Peps tactics and the talent of the players but I wouldn't casually watch their games.

  28. The only people who turned on him, are people who don't understand the business. That goes for not only the fans, but any wrestler who looks at Undertaker differently because of what he said. They think the things Taker says is "outdated" which is funny because MJF seems to be following in Undertakers footsteps in terms of protecting his character and being the same thing on social media and TV, and he's one of the most talked about wrestlers. If the wrestling business was full of people who had the mindset of Undertaker and MJF, it would totally be different.

  29. Dom probably wins thanks to Priest which sets up the Bad Bunny tag match at Backlash in PR.

  30. Genuine question, what could the kayfabe reason be for Rey teaming up with Bad Bunny over an actual wrestler?

  31. Rey doesn’t want to be in a handicap match and Bad Bunny is offering.

  32. Fair enough, there's absolutely nothing wrong with keeping it simple, it just occurred to me that a Hall of Fame babyface should probably be able to find a tag partner that's a full time wrestler.

  33. I don't watch WWE, but my viewing habits are kind of similar.

  34. The same Punk that for a brief period of time had people telling the dirt sheets that The Elite kicked his dog's teeth in?

  35. It's really funny to me at this point how obvious it is that Punk (or at least people on Punks side) leak stuff all the time...

  36. Even the "positive" stuff that comes out about Punk, feels really disingenuous to me.

  37. I really do appreciate that I'm definitely not in the demographics that it's targeting and that they'll probably do really well off the back of this, but Logan Paul being featured so heavily in wrestling is still annoying to me...

  38. Cody was not working out in AEW. He was getting booed and didn't want to turn heel. The AEW audience is a different one than WWE. I don't think it's like SCSA at all.

  39. It isn't comparable at all in my opinion, Austin should've only had an upward trajectory before he left WCW, for Cody he actually would've run the risk of lowering his stock if he stayed (especially he kept refusing to turn).

  40. That All Access number looks pretty decent considering myself and seemingly most of this thread had no idea it had already aired.

  41. I can confidently say that Adam Cole is going to be a fucking mega Babyface when this is over

  42. How wholesome I find Adam Cole when I've seen bits of him out of character is pretty much the main reason I'm tempted to watch

  43. Agreed. I don’t think you can invoke BC without bringing in other members

  44. I'm really hoping Ace and Bey get involved and eventually KENTA, though I'd imagine negotiating him to come in and lose would be trickier.

  45. I really wouldn't be surprised if they're both more than aware of how many trolls they might get.

  46. I hope they only respond to trolly bad faith questions and have no intent of doing anything other than talking shit

  47. I really wouldn't be surprised if they're both more than aware of how many trolls they'll get.

  48. I do think it is funny that people went from mocking them and saying "All Friends Wrestling" to being hell on earth in the span of like a month. I think some people are just finding things to hate on.

  49. There's unfortunately a large number of people that just want any wrestling company that isn't "there's" to fail.

  50. I think this is the most drama we’ve ever scene backstage in wrestling that has affected the whole locker room

  51. You really need to read some of the stories from backstage in the attitude era and long before then. It's some wild west type stuff that this pales in comparison to.

  52. I hope he's completely dismissive of the situation to be honest.

  53. Joe did some fun work on the mic, but like the AJ/Nakamura feud it didn't get close to living up to the history of those involved.

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