News from bezs

  1. tom scott enters the chat

  2. Jealous about the Peter wright snakeskin surround. Can’t find that anywhere anymore..

  3. red dragon darts website mate

  4. is that a countdown to the drop ???

  5. fake - this jumper was never made by nike, there’s stacks of them flying about at the moment sadly

  6. that’s a rather expensive fish and chips

  7. just a chopper mate, all good

  8. i thought he was gonna lift himself up, but then my brain remembered about physics

  9. whenever i hear this song, i instantly see gerd janson’s face when he drops it in the sugar mountain boiler room

  10. super clean, reminds me of the patreon logo

  11. I’ve been making this over the last few months, that are some older songs in there but any and all new stuff gets added too from most artist

  12. can you make this public bro, i wanna follow it

  13. got it mate, cheers

  14. is this the birth of jetpack joyride memes?

  15. frankie knuckles - your love

  16. this. honestly makes my skin crawl.

  17. brill, cheers, will look into this

  18. There’s a cake next to my name on my profile. Does yours have it too?

  19. that’s there permanently, your cake day is the 21st feb

  20. Wow you’d think I’d know that after hanging around here for 6 years.

  21. every day is a school day

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