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  1. I wonder if this is a concerted public display to try to show “remorse”. Isn’t demonstrating malintent important in fraud cases?

  2. Stealth Scientologists managed to get seated as jurors? Super fans of Masterson in his role as Hyde on 'That 70's Show'? Or the jurors were getting threats from the COS?

  3. I’m guessing Scientology got to the jurors and either threatened them or greased ‘em. Maybe both.

  4. ... and it's just a bunch of IOUs written on McDonalds napkins.

  5. I’ve been shaking and reviving my ‘empty’ cartridge for at least the last 6 months

  6. This past summer, I think it was Boulder, hearing John sing, “settle back, easy Jim.” It was so sultry. I felt it in my loins lol

  7. This is why we moved here. The entire mindset is just so different. I can’t wait to repay them !!

  8. As in, ER pt comes in tonight and they’re having surgery tomorrow, so use heparin?

  9. Who needs pockets when you can have a holster? Every call you answer, is like answering the Call of Duty. Maybe this phone call will be Kiefer Sutherland telling you he needs your help to take down a terrorist network. Or maybe a Billionaire former President who needs you to send him a few dollars, to help him Save America.

  10. Came here to see if he looked like someone who would yell ‘white power’ and shoot his gun into the air… I was not disappointed. I also feel like I can picture his truck in my mind without seeing a picture.

  11. Same. I use Youtube almost exclusively on my tv via my Firestick, so there's no adblocker for that. I don't mind (too much) paying for it given how much I use it, but I hate that I'm pretty much forced into buying it because the site is unusable without some kind of adblocking.

  12. I can justify it because you also get a decent music streaming service with YouTube Music.

  13. I’m thinking they should make a sequel to Little Big League.

  14. perfect organizational fit- Clevinger is about as slimy as they come

  15. It really was, but the weather delay/uncertainty kind of wore me out

  16. I’d like to chime in as a diabetic myself that non food gifts are a great idea and what I would personally prefer. Sugar free things generally don’t taste good (to me) and the sugar alcohols used can cause major intestinal upset.

  17. Reading Amazon reviews of sugar-free gummy bears with xylitol is good for a few laughs

  18. Create something not centered on food, like a self care kit (lotion, moisturizing socks, tea, etc.)

  19. I like this idea. That’s the kind of stuff that actually gets used.

  20. I can’t recommend this one enough.. Second set starts with Dear Mr. Fantasy > Hey Jude and then blasts off 🚀

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