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  1. I think…the advancements game hardware and software have made has decreased over time, making TF2 feel a lot less “retro” despite its age. The Sonic 2 comparison really puts that into perspective. Once we got to around the Xbox 360/PS3 era (around when TF2 came out), easily visible advancements in graphics really started to slow down compared to, say, going from the PS1 to the PS2.

  2. It appears to be a device that convinces cars that the seatbelt is buckled when it isn’t. It’s probably more of an inconvenience than actually using the seatbelt.

  3. Oh, ok. Yeah, a libertarian suicide device, got it

  4. If there is no context I'll make one: an accident with the James Webb telescope ruined some guys birthday party

  5. I like to think it means the JWT detected an object that would cause the Earth’s imminent destruction on the guy’s birthday (also he was really excited for his birthday)

  6. Scout Soldier Pyro Engie Sniper and Spy look great. What in god’s name did you do to Demo

  7. Love the tricolored heron shots, really captured the beautiful gradient in their plumage well.

  8. I have wanted a hedgehog for a long time and yesterday I finally adopted this little guy!

  9. My vote’s for Wilfred. He looks like a Wilfred to me

  10. If this is the price that must be paid for the existence of these creatures then so be it

  11. One time I asked a friend what they thought the funniest song to be executed in an electric chair was and they said “Life is a Highway” and I still laugh imagining that

  12. So free speech means lies affecting the general public are ok?

  13. Yep, “free speech” translates to “I can say whatever harmful manipulative bullshit I want and not have to face any consequences for it” to these types of people

  14. Thank you. I went to a guide page that listed a lot of local birds of prey, then looked up alternate photos of anything that looked remotely similar to see other colorings/marking etc but the original photo of the Red-Shouldered Hawk looked so different I didn't even bother with that one. Googling it now I see similar ones. Thanks again!

  15. Red shoulders look quite different in different parts of the US, so you may have seen a photo of one from another area

  16. Aww thank you!! I put a lot of thought into them so I'm happy to see someone appreciate them. I imagined each of my characters as having their own personalities and roles on the island so I tried to pick names that suited them. I'll elaborate a little in case you're interested :)

  17. Love how much thought you put into these characters’ backgrounds, almost like they’re townsfolk from something like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon. Don’t think I’ve ever seen someone do that in an Animal Crossing game, seems like a fun way to make playing “alt” characters a little more meaningful!

  18. He’s playing TF2 and turning the server friendly

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