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  1. We’re not allowed to refund mobile orders. The money goes straight to corporate when you mobile order. You have to call customer service to get a refund. They weren’t filling mobile orders be sure Starbucks corporate has been having huge glitches in their mobile order system and so people are placing orders and stores aren’t receiving them. It’s reasonable for the store to stop filling mobile orders because they literally don’t have to orders to fill even thought they’re paid for. Ignorant fuck.

  2. For me probably making the caramels. I just love squeezing the life out of the little baggies

  3. I get it but at the same time you shouldn’t have to rely on picking up non scheduled shifts to be able to live.

  4. Absolutely. We shouldn’t have to try and grasp at straws and cancel plans and not have lives outside of work to make a livable wage.

  5. YES!! It happened at my store. We literally just marked out everything in the system so no one could mobile order.

  6. ME TOO. I just got off an opening shift with two calls out and I was in the drive thru window for four hours. The endless and entitlement and rude shit that customers do has me screaming in my car after I get off everyday without fail.

  7. If you think his “training” is not going to be a fully curated experience you have never worked at any corporation ever in the history of mankind

  8. A venti cappuccino with heavy cream, extra foam.

  9. I'm enraged just seeing his annoying face, I despise him

  10. Not super wholesome… it’s just sad that elementary schoolers have to work to pay off lunch debt.

  11. I love that both baristas and customers have been asking for a variety of syrup flavors (like lavender), yet we get olive oil.

  12. I usually build it using a flat white as the bad because it has the extra shot default. Idk if it changes the price it’s just less customizations for the barista to read through. So a flat white with oatmilk, blonde espresso, half pumps brown sugar syrup, and cinnamon stirred in.

  13. You look amazing! Keep wearing dresses if that’s what you want to do. You don’t look ridiculous!!

  14. trans woman eats a sheher bar The right wingers that didn’t think about this: 😦

  15. I live that you can see all their personalities based on their reaction to this picture being taken

  16. Ask your SM to have a conversation with him about unwanted touching. You're probably not the only one feeling uncomfortable about it.

  17. This^ because he should respect people’s personal space, and I’m assuming he hasn’t asked you if hugs are okay before doing them or else you would’ve already told him you’re not okay with it. If you go to your sm about it then you’ll probably save other coworkers, and future ones, from having to have that same awkward conversation and make him realize that it’s not cool to hug people without consent.

  18. Tastes like a yankee candle. Most customers that have tried it at my store don’t like it and I always make them a different drink to replace it.

  19. With the spring launch there’s a new sign that displays all the breakfast sandwich’s to “reduce waste” but the new pastry case standard is to double up on all the pastries so the case doesn’t look empty. It’s pointless and stupid and I hate it. Starbucks tries to act like they care about the environment or whatever but it’s just for show.

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