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  1. I’ve always always always said that humans are much more alike than we are different. The parties WANT us to think we are so different so they can pit us all against each other, but in reality, it isn’t so.

  2. Whilst at Borough market, which is now a bit touristy imo, head about 5 mins down southwark street to flat iron square.

  3. Fun fact, the minute you start monetising something, it sucks the Fun out of it.

  4. Thats been known for ever. In fact if anything you can be more fertile when breast feeding due to all of the hormones. Pre-war Swedish baby boxes that mums were given when they left the hospital included a couple of reusable condoms "or you'll be back within a year".

  5. Tbf, we've had two "once in a life time" recessions, in the space of about 10 years.

  6. Also, make it about how excited you are about the new role, rather then what you dislike about the old role. "Tbh, I'm more then happy at xltd, but then I saw the opportunity with yltd, and Because im so passionate about (insert thing here), as demonstrate by my (insert thing that demonstrates this) I just had to apply".

  7. In anything cuisine related, id always go with the the Italians over the Americans.

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