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  1. These are the arrest details I’ve actually been yearning for. Now just wait for the SBF-style jail diet request articles

  2. As someone who bought a bit of SHIB shortly after it was launched (and no I haven’t made money unfortunately didn’t sell at height)… I’ve seen way too many tokens associated with this project and it’s pretty frustrating. What project needs this many tokens

  3. Seems fair to me - after watching Squid Game, it makes me think that South Korea would probably take justice pretty seriously

  4. Thanks for the perspective from a (small?) business owner.. that makes a lot of sense. I’d be worried about the tax implications of exchanging for fiat to keep the business afloat/expenses as well. Plus with all the SEC action lately it’s anyone’s guess what crypto gets targeted next and potentially tanks in value - huge risks for a business to take on.

  5. When you’re a leviathan accruing more moons has become boring. You’re already mooned beyond imagination; your community voting power is unmatched among mortals

  6. Your material and especially samurai are solid gold. Keep it up!

  7. Damn that’s pretty impressive. Everyone swapping in to some moons for LPs?

  8. The big fish! So the Serbia lead was right on (shares a border with Montenegro).. good to see him caught and hopefully he’ll face some real justice/restitution. Should’ve had the face-off surgery…

  9. It’d be cool but I know how fast using the GPS drains my phone battery… you’d be having to charge your Tesla after 50 miles while mining BTC.

  10. Sounds kinda cool as long as they leave the management to people who actually know how to manage world-class golf courses. As a targeted investment vehicle though, a golf DAO is badass

  11. Whatever happened to that city coin project. I think Miami did it. Seemed kind of scammy.

  12. MiamiCoin literally stopped being traded by the one exchange that had it last week due to low liquidity. Can’t make this stuff up

  13. Keep in mind the stable coin hasn't been issued yet. The possibility has just been approved.

  14. What’s interesting is that it’ll be “fully backed by state holdings in U.S. treasury bills”

  15. Saturate us with the free ones so they’re worth a nickel and I can buy them all. Loving this little drop.

  16. Damn, frightening. Let’s embrace crypto… but only in its CBDC forms we can totally control

  17. I think this was expected after CB said they'd fight for their staking program in court.

  18. If anyone’s going to beat the SEC and/or make a case and get it kicked up to the Supreme Court it’ll be Coinbase

  19. “The SEC sent Coinbase a Wells notice, which is basically their way of saying "we're about to file a complaint against you, here's your chance to convince us not to."”

  20. We’re still in the early majority stage of the Bitcoin adoption curve. It’s a great time to be getting into BTC and seeing it evolve towards its potential.

  21. Alright that’s actually a pretty good rationale. Between this and the aributrum ETH faucet for gas fees, there’s a lot of good reasons to add to the LP

  22. what ever my credit card will allow before it thinks its been stolen

  23. Because it is. Over the past 10 years, it literally has been the best performing asset.

  24. It’s a clear pattern. Nice to see recognition happening among financial industry

  25. They’re alright and a great start for a totally new user. But not worth the time to make a bunch of fake/alt accounts to get

  26. I can give you a good list of my alts that will never regain their former glory

  27. Between moons and a side of avatars, Reddit’s blockchain entries are strong. And neither is marketed as such: moons as Community Points for governance, avatars as digital art (not marketed as crypto NFTs). Strategy seems to be working

  28. Technically investing for the family. No separate account for kids, but will certainly be transferring funds to their accounts as need be in the future.

  29. Pretty amazing to see this price action occurring during a bear - admittedly during an upswing - and am hoping it continues. Bullish on the future of the CC community points

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