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  1. A couple lessons about selling online for the future.

  2. They already resolved it, and if anything you’re lucky they actually took responsibility rather than just sending it to you claiming that’s how they received it.

  3. Just report him to eBay and since he blatantly put the real reason in the message he’ll get in trouble. Additionally, if it was a modern book that wasn’t near mint or higher I guarantee he will make less from getting it graded.

  4. ~8.5-9.2, there’s some wear on the bottom right corner and I counted 6-7 small ticks and you also need to check out the back cover and interior.

  5. Put it on top of another one to compare the size because this definitely looks like someone cut it themselves.

  6. It does not effect the value, just because psa mistakenly labels it 1st edition does not mean it will be worth the same or even near what a 1st edition is because it is still an unlimited version regardless of the label. That being said, if the back of the card looks good with little or no whitening there is a good chance they put the completely wrong label on it so I would recommend getting psa to fix it.

  7. I see some on eBay for much much cheaper. When in doubt check eBay “recently sold”

  8. That might be the non-holo or reverse holo version, TCGplayer puts a LP of this card at 325$

  9. Sorry for the wait, here you go

  10. can I get some pics of New mutants 87?

  11. I believe panel 1 is avengers #4, 1964, and panel 2 is Luke cage #8, 1973.

  12. That is a very nice error and pretty rare. That would bring it from a 0.01$ card to like a 10-15$ card

  13. The guy I bought the Expo promo off of swears up and down that it's real and says I'm a terrible buyer and that he's reporting me to Ebay because I said it was fake. It failed the light test and the cardstock is flimsy. The one without the stamp is mine and IT'S THE EXACT SAME CARD. I even provided comparison photos. I need a second opinion though I'm pretty sure I'm right.

  14. Though I’m unsure if the card is real or fake, a seller becoming super defensive immediately is generally a red flag. And, if you’re unsure of its authenticity it’s better to just return it (a seller swearing it’s real or claims he’s reporting you to eBay means nothing, if you open a return for not as described he is forced to take the return.)

  15. No, the Charizard is very easy to pull and is worth less than just 2 of those cards.

  16. Panel 2 is from green lantern #54 - 1994

  17. It’s easy to get for msrp. For example, it is in stock on target and has been for a bit, but it will likely not fall below msrp.

  18. No, each one of these blisters is worth ~300-400$. the top card you can pull is only 35$ and even graded under 100$

  19. They ONLY grade the packaging when you do that, not the card.

  20. They’re Fake, an error like this can and has happened but it is insanely rare 1 in 1,000,000 kind of thing.

  21. I wouldn’t recommend slabbing, in this condition it’s not worth it, and even with a P&C you would probably get 3.0/3.5 MAX. Just keep it raw in a Mylar.

  22. I read the graders notes, it says there is a stain through the top 2” of the book and that would explain the grade.

  23. It means they determined the value of the card is over 499$, but looking at recently sold copies, unless it graded a ten you should fight it.

  24. I have a daredevil #1 cgc .5 back cover missing slightly brittle if you’re interested.


  26. This looks like a golden record reprint, you can tell from the back cover. If it’s an original it is worth grading, if it’s a grr it is not worth it.

  27. They are, but they’re still only worth ~1/50 of the originals so in this condition (.5-1.0) it just isn’t worth getting graded.

  28. Seller wont refund me, opened a dispute with paypal and chase. We’ll see what happens. Its worth something but not near what i paid. So pissed

  29. Buy the book not the grade and you'll never be disappointed.

  30. There’s nothing wrong with a low grade book. But this is a case of a seller lying about the condition.

  31. If you paid vie PayPal G&S then you will almost definitely get a refund it’ll just take some time.

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