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  1. The details are actually insane, I could never do this

  2. I think someone just made a post a while back giving an imaginary set list if they were to play at the superbowl.

  3. I too have been a fan for over a year and I decided to give it a full listen for the first time on December 29th (the album’s 13th birthday). I found that there weren’t any songs I instantly liked. Then like three weeks later I had the whole album downloaded and I love all the songs.

  4. My songranker was the opposite, mine had Cut My Lip at 1st 😭

  5. The small Josh looks sad. I think we should add a small Tyler so he isn't lonely anymore.

  6. He’s a reaction channel, you can search him up on youtube

  7. I thought they always stick to 3 year gaps, surprised to see so many people are guessing this year

  8. I’m pretty sure that when SAI came out, they had said that the upcoming album would come out sooner. So it is quite likely we will get an album this year.

  9. I think I might've been around ten or so, I'm turning 16 in a few days, and my favorite album is either trench or sai

  10. When you are on the main page of the subreddit, there are three dots to the left of your profile (they are kinda hard to see) click on that and then click “change user flair”.

  11. If anyone wants to use this with the questions next to it you can just copy and paste it:

  12. The Pulse also quite often plays Level of Concern too

  13. ST: Air Catcher RAB: Kitchen Sink Vessel: Ode To Sleep BF: Lane Boy Trench: Morph SAI: Mulberry Street

  14. Also Tyler's various noises in the intro to that song, they give me life

  15. I’ve watched so many reaction videos, but some of my favourites are Knox Hill, Rykerroad, Suffi Reax, Sean Staxx, trevreacts, and the fable sphere. The fable sphere has done like 150 videos for reacting to tøp, he slowly starts to become a hardcore fan throughout.

  16. I’ll go first. I play soccer and my pump-up songs would have to be Lane Boy or Heavydirtysoul

  17. Ahh nice that’s helpful for anyone that wants to put there votes on there

  18. I put it there if people wanted to look at the site or look at other album rankings. If everyone gives scaled and icy 100% then it kinda ruins the point of the website.

  19. Could you possibly make a list with all the musics used? O thought that i was a fan, but i only heard what was on Spotify so i didnt recognize 3 or 4 songs.

  20. There’s one where Tyler sings a medley of a bunch of stupid pop songs and he makes them sound good.

  21. Do you happen to know where the full video of the first thing you said? I’ve seen a couple clips of it on instagram but idk where to find the full thing

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