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  1. So much for Margie's "reasonable centrist" rebranding effort.

  2. She's in a state of superposition, it collapses to whichever narrative is most useful to you at the time.

  3. It's kind of revealing that they think the executive branch actually has the power to do such a thing and have it be legally binding.

  4. The World Economic Forum is an organization run mostly by rich people and politicians known to meet every January (most recently last week) in Davos, Switzerland to discuss economic issues. The one issue that all of the conspiracy theorists have jumped on is "The Great Reset", a project launched by the WEF in May 2020 to combat the Covid recession through sustainable development. There are plenty of fair criticisms of both The Great Reset and the WEF as a whole, mainly that it's a way for the wealthy and political elite to put a positive spin on the same tactics they've been using for decades to expand the wealth gap as well as the further integration of corporations into economic affairs that should be made by governments and democratic institutions.

  5. Also they're trying to force us all to eat insects instead of steaks and hamburgers. /s

  6. "How are Demonrats going to bring race into this?" asks redditor bringing race into this.

  7. Yes, like 40 comments ago. We're long past that. Try to keep up. Again:

  8. Sorry, there's no statute of limitations on claims. Again:

  9. No, see, I asked you a question first, and it's rude to suddenly decide that you're going to ignore it and substitute one of your own. BTW, there is a tl;dr at the bottom since reading seems to be problematic for you.

  10. Their take is that the attacker wasn't a MAGA lunatic radicalized by the conservative fever swamp, but Pelosi's lover who got into a lovers' quarrel with him.

  11. It's amazing how many conservatives happen to be body language experts all of a sudden.

  12. "Yes, we need to fight police brutality by giving them tanks and death robots!"

  13. I've definitely seen people online say "he deserved it", so this claim of unity is bullshit.

  14. Was he boosting Lindell or...whoever the more serious competitor to McDaniel was?

  15. I've done a quick scan. It's a lot of Epstein and Maxwell. A few other names stand out. If it is fake, a lot of work has gone into this. It does seem very convincing.

  16. It doesn't seem hard to generate a list containing a lot of "Epstein" and "Maxwell" and a few other well known names. How is that convincing?

  17. Gee whiz, what an interesting way of thinking.

  18. I always struggle between letting them keep embarrassing themselves or letting them know that Orwell was a socialist.

  19. "But he criticized socialism in Animal Farm! That means he's a hardcore libertarian capitalist!!"

  20. They think that shit looks insane but to a nonreligious person Christian mass is kind of fucked up too.

  21. Yeah, this looks exactly 0% more creepy than a standard Christian mass to me.

  22. He wants to know why Pfizer is making new strains of COVID so they can then make new vaccines to sell?

  23. Yep but Mango Mussolini pardoned him.

  24. He got charged again after that, with contempt for ignoring his subpoena.

  25. And our country does the exact same shit to us. To be mad at TikTok but not our own Social Media apps is a dumber take.

  26. Our country can do sinister things with our data, to be sure, but they have an incentive not to destabilize us.

  27. That incentive doesn't seem to mean much because there's one side doing everything they can right now to destabilize us.

  28. There is, but I don't think the IC is trying to do that, at least right now.

  29. Trump remains popular with the base. Leadership has no alternative to that popularity.

  30. Yet; I think it's still possible that DeSantis could surge. The election season is still young.

  31. I’m wondering how no one in this subreddit or in

  32. There;s a new one every 5 days, it's useless to try and cover all of them.

  33. It'll use the Quantum Financial System System! What is a Quantum Financial System? I don't know, but it sounds high-tech, that's good enough for me!

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