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  1. This man surely has such elaborately complex reflex pathways

  2. Orang Jepang pingin ke Inggris, Orang Inggris pingin ke Kanada, Orang Kanada pingin ke Jepang..

  3. We should expand to the Caribbean trade node

  4. Jadi inget pembimbing saya waktu kuliah S3 di Jepang.. Lagu2 kesukaannya lagu2 kawaii, background laptop nya juga cewek2 loli..Tapi beliau naiknya Ferrari dan mendesain alat2 robotik di waktu luangnya.. Sampai saat ini beliau orang paling jenius yang pernah saya jumpai..

  5. Once in a lifetime life-changing experience. Definitely worth it

  6. I posted this photo on several other subreddits too before

  7. Is this “oh shit I don’t want to block the traffic” blur or “I cramped the aperture too tight therefore shutter speed can’t keep up” blur?

  8. Honestly I don't know why.. The shutter speed was 1/200 with the aperture of 5.6, so I thought it should be good enough. I took the photo at the cross road while traffic was red and not that many vehicles or people. Maybe I was just being anxious standing in front of the cars. I took some other pictures with different angles and focal lengths, and many of them are sharper than this photo, but this one is one of my favorite although not perfect.

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