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  1. Simply because people are living longer. When someone retires at 55 and lives another 16 years, that takes a certain amount of tax money. When they live 30, 35, as is expected right now, that takes a lot of money from taxes.

  2. Its overdone. Whenever you protest for anything, like the french, the whole act of protesting loses strength, first because its overdone, second because people get used to dealing with the hassles that come from protesting.

  3. Serve them... like taking measures to ensure the country's pension plan does dry up?

  4. Shhhh people dont understand that retirement age is tied up to number of young workers and life expectancy.

  5. Half the time I see a news about France, it's about a protest.

  6. Yes. Thats the thing about protests, they do them for anything, so it just means nothing anymore.

  7. Yea. Cause the skyline in dublin 13 is literally breathtaking 😂

  8. Clearly never been there with this comment

  9. Yes. I dont get to pass by clarehall and loads of cranes every day. Clarehall itself is as tall a 9 - 10 store building. But yay. Lets not build tall, its bad for the skyline. Dont mind the housing crisis, lets save the one and unique D13 skyline.

  10. You are looking at it the wrong way. Functions are about movement and resolutions. V-I has a leading tone from B to C. V7 - I has a B-C, F-E a strong resolution. V7 to A still has this bc, fe resolution. Em on the other hand acts as a rootless tonic chord, it lacks the resolution but the important degrees of the tonic are there, specially if you extend it to Em7, you basically have everything but the tonic, so it evokes a resting place but without fully committing. Specially in Jazz where rootless voices are normal, the iii and the I are interchangeable with no audible difference, your ear infers the C is there even if its not being played.

  11. That means that my assessment of finding the III for the dominant family and the IV for the subdominant family is incorrect, which does make sense. However, the way these families are taught is still that "these chords in these families are similar because they share 2 notes with the diatonic Tonic, Subdominant and Dominant chords, respectively", which made my mind open the door to say "wait, but each chord shares 2 tones with the chords 2 diatonic places away from it". So while I'm thinking about it incorrectly, this still means that saying chords' functions are similar because those chords share 2 notes is ambiguous and doesn't really describe well enough what's happening to create the stated function.

  12. You are not wrong in the idea, its just as you pointed, the way it’s taught, sadly there are more bad music teachers than good ones.

  13. I do. Something that helped me a lot were the amphetamines. But color coding is nice to focus.

  14. LOL yeah this is how I have to do it while on 50mg of Vyvanse so I get it

  15. To be honest, literally anywhere other than CeX is cheaper than gamestop. Used games in gamestop are more expensive than buying bran new ones in smiths or even amazon.

  16. What do you mean by you people? How am i supposed to know. If i type that into google it does give me results.

  17. A 6 sus 4 chord means that the 5th became 6th, the 3 became 4, so you have 1, 4, 6… which in C major would be C, F, A…. Rearrange that and you have F, A, C… in other words just the F/C regular chord.

  18. Honestly I think this is not good. The amp is a vital part of the instrument. There is no electric guitar without an amp, learning how to play the amp is as important, and we learn a lot from watching. Seeing how your teacher controls the feedback, hearing how its supposed to sound through an amp, how to tame the distortion, the levels of palm mute. Every arpeggio will sound clean without an amp. Arpeggios through a high gain distortion have to be way more precise…

  19. So by your logic it's the business owning elite that are hanging out here pushing the idea that drinking cans and smoking in a Luas is a shitty thing to do?

  20. Why do u even bother arguing? The guy plays the middle class card and then says the middle class definition doesn’t apply when you proved him wrong.

  21. Big man on reddit campus dealing insults. Bet ye never told a stranger they were dumb to thier face once in your life.

  22. I’m sorry. I really regret calling you dumb. The word should be used as an offence, in your case its a technical description, and thats even more hurtful.

  23. Christ, im not even Irish and I new the judge before reading the text.

  24. You aren't in Ennis are ya? School in my estate too. ONLY access is through our estate. 4 times a day our estate becomes inaccessible cos CUNTS just leave their car wherever they want and walk up to the school. Numerous times I've been blocked in and the parents just don't give a shit. Fucking drives me insane. School says that they tell parents not to park in the estate but nothing changes.

  25. Park your car behind them and get them blocked instead. Leave them waiting a couple of hours before they can leave.

  26. Park your car behind them, refuse to take it out and get them stuck in there for a good couple of hours.

  27. Not to be pedantic here but the technical term is actually Volta Brackets or first/second time brackets

  28. Not to be pedantic but depends on the language/region you learn. A lot of names are not standardised even in english speaking countries.

  29. Ah, I genuinely had never heard them being called first and second ending so I do apologise for the pedantic comment haha I would presume that the original name is Volta brackets just because the Italians kinda own all the music definitions but either way it would appear we are both correct. Apologies once again, good sir.

  30. No need, I just used the pedantic phrase to sound even more pedantic, still waiting for someone to come here and educate me hahaha.

  31. Typical Reddit. Downvoted for being right. You are speaking nonsense and the point is going right over your head.

  32. As I said and others pointed above: music theory dont care about your opinion. This is simply a matter of is it a classical inversion in any of the positions or not, and as a matter of fact, its not. And if you write in any theory test this is a first inversion, you are getting a 0 in the question.

  33. Prove it. Put it on staff paper. Write out the chord. What is the first inversion of C E G Bb D?

  34. I dont have to prove anything. You are simply wrong. If you want classes, pay me.

  35. Purposely or not you misrepresented the difference the situation is bad enough with needing to lie.

  36. A lie is very different from a mistake, which was already amended hours ago in the original post.

  37. You are being very pedantic or just moronic. A 10x difference in the middle of a house crisis is enough to justify regulations.

  38. I have a couple like that living beside me. At least once every two or three weeks they have huge fights, screaming and their children crying.

  39. 3rd string 5th fret is C but it shows R, the root, which G. Same fret 5th string is D, the 5th of G minor, but diagram shows 6. Probably, you need to study octave and unison patterns to see this - you can't have unison on 1&3 strings just one fret apart. As well as other intervalic patterns - when root is on 6th string, 6 degree can not be there, only 5th.

  40. Diagram is not wrong, its upside down. Lower string is at the very top.

  41. Just been to Netherlands, everything is cheaper, but not as cheap as it was before the war. Friends all complaining about prices there rising, market, hotels, everything. Car rental was 110€ a day.

  42. Selling propaganda. Fitting as every good marxist bookstore sells Das Kapital for a profit.

  43. And as everyone know if you are a marxist bookstore you're exempt from rent. Otherwise your statement would make you look foolish.

  44. Yes, because the ones who actually own their buildings do need to pay rent 😂😂

  45. Mate I think you may be a little too close to this subject. But they become moody, agrressive, short tempered. Can't focus.

  46. Never debate weed side effects with these people. For them MJ is holier than god. Fuckin lunatics.

  47. If it ever rains dicks, you’ll have your ass to the sky

  48. The single fact that china denied international observers to check the lab for years is pretty bad. Also, people agreeing with going with “natural” virus is a way better narrative for the world economy than “came from chinese lab”. That would literally wreck consumer chain even more and potentially bankrupt a large country that is important for US and Europe.

  49. You dont pay for the wristwatch, you pay for the heads that it turns.

  50. I have used An Post for delivering packages for the last 3 years. Only twice did a package get delayed (Xmas time) but was no more than 10 days. Only have ever had one package delivered broken also. I know people have had horror stories but I have sent out roughly 300 packages and only had those 3 problems

  51. I guess its all to do with the guy working jn your area. Baffling is the fact that there is no accountability for areas where they are fucking up daily.

  52. Our postman does find the right house, however we have caught him multiple times on camera just fucking the parcel at the door. Have filed a complaint about a year ago, we had noticed he stopped however about a week ago there he is again just fucking the parcel at the door. Fuck that guy

  53. Aah, human shields. Saddamn would have been so proud.

  54. Its not hard to detect smurfs and valve has all the tools. From ip to system detection, to hotkey usage, response times, map usage and, voila, account usage schedule.

  55. Basically all above 5k mmrs have Smurf accounts. There’s already an issue with the lack of active players in dota, you seriously think valve is gonna ban a big percentage of their most loyal costumers out of the game?

  56. Yes, cause this is part of the reason why user base is dwindling.

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