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One Piece: Chapter 1085

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  1. I like to think it’s just a sky island with a laser at the bottom

  2. I need some context why is the crazy lady trying to get a picture frame and for what reason

  3. They paid reddit like a billion dollors I dont think that was a exaggeration either

  4. More like a stick and their is an upgrade to make it faster when it has more weight

  5. If you go to the yellow bars on top of the module you can drive the module on its own. Good for connecting to a long train. Easier than trying to drive / manoeuver a six carriage long truck.

  6. Yeah and that shanks knows that and thats why no one on his crew has devil fruits

  7. I may watch filler there aren't a ton of those episodes. Guess I'll see how I'm feeling once I reach the first one. I'm now on ep 4 and the first filler episode isn't until 54.

  8. true, right now sabo is probably the most wanted man in the world but they cant raise the bounty too high too fast or people will become suspicious and may even become curious as to what info he has that is so valuable. especially with the revolutionary army raising in popularity across the globe(specifically sabo himself) and Cross-guild actively hunting down marines and turning/recruiting people from nations that use to be neutral.

  9. Didn't morgans make an article pinning the death of cobra on him so maybe thats what theyre going to use

  10. Some sort of different version of morias fruit instead of peoples shadows and how its like a soul theses are just like all shadows they he can manipulate to do what he wants

  11. Oh my god the Stuff you dont notice even after watching this show your whole life is crazy

  12. Yeah she got hit in the head or something and now she literly sees him as her dad who is actualy dead

  13. Little context: she got amnesia, and he was the first man she seen after waking up (and i ques she got that bird instinct too)

  14. I think it's actualy the animals of the Chinese calender at least some of them

  15. Could it be that all of these are mythical zoans that also grant immortality?

  16. She's one of my earliest characters and my highest constellation level aside for traveler and yet I havent used her in months and i havent even been playing this game a year

  17. I have the exact same issue ive chocked it up to my internet speeds being just that bad

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