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  1. Wireless charging should not make an iPhone hot enough to need a fan. I would immediately stop using the wireless charger.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I’m pretty sure it’s just from external factors and not the hardware. It only happens in the summer during the day and not at night. So I think it’s a combination of the sun beating on it and the Texas heat making my truck 90°F within 5 minutes of turning it off.

  3. If you're using wireless charging, that'll do it. I basically only use wired charging because it's better for the battery, and I don't mind having to unplug it before I can take it with me

  4. I’m just in and out of my car and using my maps all day, so I inevitably end up forgetting to plug it back in and my phone dies. So wireless charging solves that problem.

  5. I feel there’s a middle ground between “bored” and “fun” where you’re just on autopilot and that’s where time really flies

  6. Not too sure what I think of that one bigger cell in there. I'd recommend using only the same type of cells together, and also charge them through a BMS board.

  7. Yeah I already removed the big one, they’re all 3.7V so I just used everything I had on hand. The battery% from BT device has stayed the same for the last 24 hours of straight use so I’m sure the Ah loss from removing one of the batteries will be a drop in the ocean.

  8. Holy shit those are batterys? The blue one is so bulged I thought it was a co2 tank for a softair gun.

  9. They’re out of a disposable vape that needs a little encouragement to get out of the casing, so that’s just the wrap that got lifted when I removed them

  10. You could play a prince and you wouldn’t even need makeup or a cape

  11. The white trash in me’s first thought is to put a mattress over it immediately

  12. Say “Oh it’s all good, thank you”, drive away, click order picked up by someone else, on to the next one.

  13. DallasLoveList and Dallastexas_tv have been long time follows for me on Instagram

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