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  1. Cam op / Camera assistant / focus puller. High level technical skill usually needed and you just turn up for the shoot, no planning, just perform on the day and done.

  2. Ralph Waldo Emerson — 'When you strike at a king, you must kill him.'

  3. Watching Eraserhead and the duality of David Lynch's art helps quite a bit.

  4. There was an interesting proposal to transplant African elephants to the American southwest to replace the function of mammoths. The idea would be that they would be able to replace the function in the ecosystem to spread manure and seeds. Wonder how far this plan will go toward that kind of thinking.

  5. Researchers have developed a whole new family of solid-state materials – malamine nanoporous networks – which spontaneously capture CO2, and could be used to capture emissions from smokestacks or tailpipes

  6. I have a contract with a "school" or "formation center", and I have special prices for the students who get out of this school because their only option after that is to start their own business.

  7. Report her to the school, and have them intervene on your behalf? She'll do it again tomorrow otherwise

  8. Issue is cases where you need them to be disposable ie hospital…we have shortages on literal plastic spoons…imagine trying to get that shit shorted with metal ones

  9. Okay…and? Metal straws? Paper straws? One you have to hand clean, the other is garbage

  10. when plastic enabled fast and cheap creation of drinking straws. Even though plastic straws can be reused, this was not practiced much and large quantities of non-biodegradable waste materials today can produce great impact to our environment.

  11. That no matter how hard you try - someday, you're going to die.

  12. Why is that a problem? If people love sharing their lives that should be between them.

  13. governments began relying on marriage licenses for a new purpose: as a way of distributing resources to dependents. The Social Security Act provided survivors' benefits with proof of marriage.Nov 26, 2007

  14. My sister in law makes us do custom shirts for every family event/holiday and it drives me insane.

  15. Go back as a consultant for 500$ hour to repeat what you just told us. Make sure to string them along for 18 months

  16. Would really like to see that milestone reached, and then they have to become philanthropists. Generous philanthropists.

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