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  1. Yes, I have a the options. But it's mostly the back of my legs that hurt, so I'm not sure how adjusting the flex front would change that. Does changing the flex front affect the tension of the mesh too, or is it really just seat depth?

  2. No , I bought an aeron and it sucked just as much. I bought a (normal) embody and haven’t had any complaints .

  3. It’s takes 5-7 business days for the money to be available on your bank account again

  4. I’ve had this happen last year and it took about 5 days to get it back

  5. I play on Xbox game pass and have not had any problems whatsoever

  6. Lucky. Nothing but problems on Nintendo Switch.

  7. Maybe it’s only on theswitch then?

  8. I would like to know this as well!

  9. Warehouse deal. Mind you I'm in Germany and can order from multiple Amazon locations.

  10. nl here. I bought mine from 2 weeks ago. The blue ones, brand New. 404EUR incl shipping!

  11. Cross legged on an Aeron? How thin are you?

  12. Looks brand New to me. Based on your description of the former condition, I would say job well done! Thanks also for the Information!

  13. You should be good to go. The casters on my mirra2 were the same as my Aeron and Embody

  14. Their Reviews section states that they've fixed this issue as of the last week or so

  15. Do you have a link? I cannot find this!

  16. Here is my best advice for you, straighten the back up all the way, then tighten the tilt limiter lock it straight up. Sit with your back against the chair entirely; at first, this may feel odd, but relax and try to feel where the back of the chair hugs your spine. (You're most likely getting coccyx pain because when you sit back, your body is not sitting flush against the back of the chair, this is very important to do.) Now sit like that for a good 10-15 minutes, feel the pressure points on your back. Then slowly start to put the curve back into the chair as needed. Then adjust the tension to your comfort when leaning back. If you do not let the chair's back embody you, you might put pressure on points you do not mean.

  17. About the shoulders: I do believe the arms are pushing them up a bit. I will buy a desk that I can lower, so it doesn't have to always be that way! Thanks again for your in depth response!

  18. Congrats!!! That is truly a steal-of-a-deal!!!…if it’s Legit…but also remember 0 warranty

  19. For 30 bucks I would not care about warranty hahaha

  20. I got drunk after this post. I payed 1550 dollars for this exact chair last month haha

  21. In my country they just service the chait at your house. Maybe that's possible as well? I would not want to mess with it myself!

  22. If you're about to buy your new chair, my recent experience tells me that you should definitely try it first. I was really surprised by the differences between those three!

  23. According to the Shop I bought it from it is: Rhythm black 3014

  24. Bought the same chair same fabric and color 2 days ago!

  25. It's noticeable for people coming from another version of the game. I played on my switch recently during a flight and it definitely felt slower in that regard than my pc, but I don't think I would've minded had I not already played it there.

  26. Even on my ps5 it feels less buttery than on my pc! So I prefer pc with ps5 controller.

  27. I’m not sure an office/gaming setup is truly ever finished but the Aeron has been a huge step in that direction =]

  28. Very nice! What's the name of the desk? Im in the marker for a new one and yours looks nice

  29. Thanks! it's a IKEA Karlby top that I stained which I mounted to Loctek electric base. (It was important the legs were black for me hehe)

  30. You know office chairs is only like 1/10th of what HM makes right? Sad that you’re having a problem comprehending what OP is saying.

  31. Ah yes, I guess I didnt read It all. Sure this sub is not only about the chairs:)

  32. Edit:Sorry I read your question the wrong way

  33. How is Returnal? I'm a big roguelike fan, so I thought it was cool to see such a big budget one that looked so good, but I also worried that the cost of graphical fidelity might be environments getting really repetitive after a few runs. I'm a curmudgeon who still pictures ASCII characters on a black background when I hear roguelike, even if I'm a fan of lots of the modern ones like Spelunky and Hades.

  34. I actually don't recommend Returnal if you don't have alot of time. You cannot save at all, only pauze it with ps5 in sleep mode. The game is awesome, no problems on that end ,but this anoys me alot. I cannot play it often and will trade it for another game today.

  35. I disagree on the time aspect. It's only a problem for slow players that want to explore every room in each biome in a single run (and also kill the bosses again) , which isn't necessary and often too risky.

  36. I don't have 3, let alone 6, hours to spare so I don't even bother start ing the game anymore.. How hard was it for them to Build in an autosave?

  37. Balance: highest tier, less cushion, most breathable

  38. No. Balance has micro holes on the fabric to make your butt and back less warm

  39. Ah okay. I just can't find enough Information on the Rhythm. I can only buy the Rhythm or the Medley and I need it to be as cool as possibile in summers (I have an aeron c now but my tailbone hurts so it's going back)

  40. I am actually think ing about returning my aeron c and getting an embody because of the tailbone pain.. Pff

  41. I bought it on the ps5 as well, (online).. I am a bit dissapointed they didnt do anything with the new possibilities of the controller though. They couldve done so much nice stuff with the weapons and the dualsense but they just straight of ported it from switch / pc.

  42. In my opinion the ps5 version runs just as smooth and looks just as great as on pc. I didn't notice any major differences. Also, Obviously the ps5 and pc versions render much more detailed environments than the switch version

  43. How about the new ps5 controller. Did they do fun stuff with that in this awesomd game?

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