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  1. soe people say they get away with it for free. i got charged $90. if you have more dealers in the area you're more likely to get it cheaper. the next closest dealer to me os over 2 hrs away so my local dealer can charge whatever they want. most people report $50. still cheaper than a bricked head unit. i did install the hardware myself and its been working great.

  2. i got a chungus neo magnet from work and it did the same thing. i'm super confused.

  3. which part of this is simple? looks like it was extremely complicated lol. very clean and looks awesome!

  4. i've had my gen1 apps for years. i used them for mowing the lawn, doing metal work, countless rounds of disc golf gym time, running errands, housework, etc, etc, etc. I used them A LOT. i was skeptical that the gen 2's would that different. i decided to

  5. Better sound quality is always appreciated. Is the ANC really better in the 2nd gen?

  6. i noticed it being slightly better. it handles outside low freq very well. it seems like high freq gets through more, but it might just be the lack of lows coming through. i listen to podcasts at the gym so i can still hear sounds coming though. if i were listening to music i doubt i'd notice much. going to the grocery store or someone talking to you, it's all blocked out. it could be my gen1s are just old, but i noticed a change.

  7. i've been dying to get one of these but i already have too many that i don't play. have fun with the resto!

  8. Ehh, it wasn't completely ripped off, aside from the "dude died but got better later" bit.

  9. i knew some guys that used to rip out the pages and use them for rolling papers. that way you get to burn it a lot of times.

  10. i've always heard people say teles 'fight' you more because they're hard tail and strats have floating trems that make bending easier.

  11. I threw two shots off the tee and used the better one on my scorecard :( wasn't a rated round but still.

  12. i call this carolina double (because i'm in the carolinas). throw two, take the better lie. sometimes, if i'm feeling frisky, i'll take the worst lie.

  13. i keep a close eye on local tournaments so i can go to different parks and avoid them.

  14. i watched many videos comparing them to the sony and samsung buds but the app2's always won in my opinion. actually just upgraded and i'm pretty happy with them so far.

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