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  1. My nose is very similar to yours, and I also wear glasses. I’d suggest longer curtain bangs! Something like

  2. Good idea. I hate vegetables. I know that sounds childish, but I've made my peace with it. Hiding it with rice will help disguise it.

  3. How do you feel about roasted veggies? Carrots, broccoli, beets, and even okra are delicious tossed in olive oil and roasted until crispy. I make roasted broccoli with lemon and Parmesan cheese, and it’s divine with rice or on a baked potato with sour cream.

  4. Info: what else has your son done on this trip? Your sisters reaction is a hell of an escalation if this is the first instance of him being obnoxious, also what prompted the outburst?

  5. Quality-wise, I’d say Everlane. My first pair of trousers is still going strong after 3.5 years of frequent wear! I have around 5 pairs of Everlane bottoms, three tops, a bag, and some sneakers. The tees are nothing special, but everything else is very durable.

  6. I love Adina — you have good taste! Some others that might fit: Ayala, Pnina, Aderet, Arava, Hadar/ Hadara (though -a names are often seen as dated in Israel), Shifra, Alma, Liel.

  7. For those who don’t know, Maricón is a homophobic slur in Spanish (similar to F****t).

  8. Sorry to hear this — depression is awful. I have some executive function issues (Asperger’s related), and what helps me is breaking things into manageable steps and not pressuring myself to finish everything.

  9. Ooh, names are one of my special interests, too! I’m an avid participant on

  10. Hi! I'm finding it not so easy to figure out my type as I suspect I am underweight. I have tried to dress according to dramatic lines in the past but have found myself looking very stiff, in a bad way. I also don't see dramatic features in my face or bones, but I could be wrong of course. I'm 5'7. What do you guys think? Thank you!

  11. Hmm, at 5’7” your options are SD, D, FN, or DC (cutoff for DC is 5’7”, I believe).

  12. I’d love some help with my ID. I’m 5’4”, and tend to gain weight all over but I do have a thicker waist.

  13. I’d suggest DC. I don’t see too much softness, but I do see slight elongation. I don’t see width/ openness, so to me, SN is unlikely.

  14. You can be allergic to mangoes? The more you know!

  15. Yep! I’m actually allergic to a compound in the skin and sap, not the fruit itself. I get a rash and my face swells up.

  16. So you can eat it if someone else washes the sap off and slices the fruit for you?

  17. Dislike! I’m named for my aunt, and my grandma apparently just chose a name from the top 10 without any thought. It’s very dated and very Christian (despite the fact I’m Jewish), and the spelling is non-standard (think Magdalynne or Mareea).

  18. I knew Jessi growing up (we danced at the same studio and did some community theatre together), and she was always a nice person. I’m a few years younger, and I was a chubby, socially awkward teenager (I have Asperger’s). I remember Jessi because she was one of those people who was kind to everyone, even if they were at the bottom of the social ladder, like I was.

  19. Maybe Eleni? It’s the Greek version of Elena, I believe, and an established name. I like Leni as a nickname but not a full name. Emmy and Blake aren’t my cup of tea.

  20. JFYI, Eleni is the Greek version of Helen, not Elena. And let’s be real the Greeks came first, so more like Helen is the English version of Eleni :)

  21. Hmm, I was under the impression that Eleni/ Helen/ Elena are all variations of the same name. Wikipedia says that both Elena and Helen are versions of the original Greek Helene/ Helena. I could be missing some nuance here, though!

  22. Hii, I tried posting yesterday, but it seems it did not work, I am 5'2 and would like some help in typing.

  23. I’m wondering if you might be DC? You seem very balanced to slightly yang/ elongated.

  24. Yes, and it really embarrasses me. I went on a weeklong field visit with a guy from another office, and then when he came to my office for a training I didn’t even recognize him! I felt so bad.

  25. The most Czech thing to do is to use the name of one of your parents. The Czech side of my family are pretty much all called variations of the same two or three names over and over.

  26. Never realized that was a Czech thing! My great-great-great grandmother was Frantiska, my great-great grandpa was Frantisek, my great-grandpa was Frank, and my great uncle was Francis. Basically the same name recycled over four generations.

  27. You have such pretty eyes, and the eyeliner really brings them out! I think you were right to trim the lashes; they look really natural.

  28. Ayat! I think Yana might get confused for Jana, as it’s pronounced the same in a lot of languages. You might also like: Lama, Tehmina/ Tehmineh, Yara, Neda, Sama, Nehaya, Basmat.

  29. I’m so sorry to hear this! Sending you strength for your court date.

  30. Hmm, I don’t see classic family. To me, you accommodate petite and maybe curvy, which makes me think SG.

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