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  1. So some days ago i think one of the first days i woke up 1 hour later for suhoor (fajr had already come) because i thought it still was suhoor time

  2. Learning the pronunciation of letters and how to pronounce the Quraan will only need a small amount of time and a slight amount of practice, yet will require lifelong consistency to keep the skills intact. The letter ت is identical to "T" of English, where your tongue will be placed underneath your front teeth and a strong burst of air comes out.

  3. Whom are you referring to in your question?

  4. Yeah, they're still Muslims but misguided.

  5. May Allah help us with our addiction and make us waste time less to do good deeds instead

  6. Now is not the time to buy. You can't buy good cards with the coins you have anyways. Play all the game modes and complete quests. Gather coins. TOTY is almost ending, look for the next event and watch guides from YouTube.

  7. Can you swipe to see my other players and suggest to maybe change players and/or even formation

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