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  1. A few days ago you were trying to buy games in game swap. Could you sell some games or systems?

  2. You have to be an evil and deranged person to laugh and smirk at the mention of 19 kids dying. I hope he croaks.

  3. Yes, and Uptown Sushi served him and threw out the guy speaking the truth.

  4. Time to leave the “protest zone” and bum rush the building. Occupy the NRA!!!!

  5. Are you arbitrarily forgetting Lechter's explanation, in Crossbell, of his and Claire's reasons?

  6. There's a really good fanfic on AO3 about the two of them and why they essentially crumbled after CS3. I can't remember the name but the tag for Lechter and Claire isn't that big anyway.

  7. Or the machines you farm it on? Those are worth a lot right now, especially with the price of chips.

  8. Could you sell one or more of your game systems to make the electric bill?

  9. Night auditor at a hotel. You may need to walk around a bit if you're alone and they require "rounds" but you can always ask if that's part of the job.

  10. You just gifted someone on RAOA and you're here asking for money?

  11. I really wasn't sure what I needed..I just thought that if someone wanted to help some I could send the information then.. Thank you for your help and I will post a gofundme as soon as I figure it out

  12. You already have a GoFundMe in your post history from less than two months ago? Why not link that one?

  13. Clean out your storage locker and sell everything in it. That will get you extra cash and save you $70/month.

  14. What's the excuse on being late? I mean, we're not talking a day or two here...

  15. Humor | Waylaid | Trails of Cold Steel|

  16. A few days ago you were posting about shoplifting. That isn’t a good look. How can the people on this sub be expected to trust you, especially when most of Your request is Amazon gift cards and a diaper fund?

  17. Hey, can you explain your situation a little better to our givers. As it seems your wishlist has a variety of items from food, and crafts to children's toys.

  18. I haven't read it in full myself yet, but I have started up a fic called Ashen Maiden, which is a fic centered on the what if of "if Rean was never adopted by the Schwarzers", and follows Elise as she joins Class 7. So far its had the characters solidly in-character and has had some interesting little changes to the group dynamics here and there.

  19. There isn't a TVTropes for Fanfic Recs for Trails. I checked. It made me sad.

  20. Wait, there isn't? Huh, I'd have just assumed there was, I mean, it's got a page, figured that would've been filled out. Maybe I make one with the recommendations from this thread in a day or two.

  21. Let me know if/when you set one up on TVTropes because that would be awesome.

  22. I looked at the list and it's pretty extensive including a $100 item. this the right list for a 6 yr old's birthday?

  23. Seriously, I cringe every time I see it.

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