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Racism and Classism in Name Nerds

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  1. Not even the first divorced actress to marry a royal. Just have to relinquish any claim to the throne because...I guess they think American actresses are, uh, fast? They didn't treat Grace Kelly that way, did they?

  2. It's because at the time divorced couples with living ex-spouses weren't allowed to get remarried in the UK. They just got no-fault divorces this year. It's really a very silly island.

  3. Uh, you could remarry after divorce (with a living ex) in the 1950s in the UK, you just couldn't do it in the Church of England until 2002. If you're judging this entirely on Townsend and the Princess' relationship ending in 1955, that wasn't down to divorce law.

  4. I guess I thought everyone knew that the king was head of the church, and this was a church rule, but I guess I could have been more clear??

  5. Gosh wow, he’s just midnight black isn’t he? Gorgeous!

  6. Yes! He's so so black. I have a hard time taking pictures unless he's looking directly at the sun, poor thing.

  7. It does not appear that the snow or cold bother this Labrador. I have not seen many that care if it is cold so long as they can run and play and have their humans near.

  8. They are a breed that can trace its origins to Canada! They are very cold tolerant. Mine plays in half frozen water all the time.

  9. Mine enjoys life being allowed to go to doggy daycare, not allowed if not spayed, and her brother (lab mix) was a rescue and neutered when I got him at 7 months, per Humane Society policy.

  10. A human vasectomy is very different from a dog neutering (which is castration). They are not comparable. That said, dogs don't miss out on anything emotionally by being neutered or spayed. But there is some debate about hormone balance and growth development with young neutering/spaying.

  11. I basically acquired a dog based on my brother's bedroom decor from 1994.

  12. My giant lab eats 5 cups of Purina Pro Plan Large Breed a day. He is skinny.

  13. Yep! Some just need more. Mine needs 4 cups. And he's got great condition. It really depends.

  14. So you go by weight and the dog food bag will tell you - for instance my 5 month old lab is almost 60 pounds so we feed him a split of 3.5 - 4 cups 2x per day (so 2 cups am and 2 cups pm. Vet advised. Mine has an insatiable thirst though lol we have to limit water otherwise pees all over my house every hour!

  15. My 6 mo old is almost 60 lbs and this is how we feed. 2 cups morning, 2 cups night, treats and chewies during the day. Active play throughout the day. Puppies need the extra nutrition.

  16. I think a lot (not all) of “boy names on a girl” are fine - especially the ones that have some amount of precedent of being used as women’s names, even if only relatively recently. I’m thinking specifically of names like Tyler, Spencer, James, Ryan, Hunter, Stevie, Julian/Julien, Drew, Reese, Blake, Charlie, Parker, Rowan… I’m sure there are more I’m not thinking of right now. But sometimes I think of the actress Glenn Close, for example - a woman named Glenn. But she’s famous and a well known name, so most people don’t think much of it. I just don’t see why names should be so boxed in for either men or women (or anyone in between).

  17. I think this is fine. But I also feel we shouldn't feel bad about "girl's names" on boys. Marion, Ashley, Leslie, Dana, Shannon (and many, many more) were all once male. I hate when a name "goes girl" and then (because of misogyny) it becomes odd or unusual on boys. I knew a women named Benjamin. My sister's middle is Michael. Let's name some boys after their moms. I'd love to meet a male with the middle Marie or with the first of Grace.

  18. Hasn’t amnio (and NT scan for that matter) been more or less replaced with cell free DNA tests at this point?

  19. Just to respond to this: This idea that free cell DNA tests or other screening tests are definitive when they only determine risks is where the claim that many anti-abortion/pro-forced birth people make saying something like "The doctor told me my baby had xyz genetic condition and they were born perfectly healthy!" comes from. Only a definitive test (an amnio or CVS test) will tell you for sure. Many anti-abortion people will refuse those tests because they come with a small risk of miscarriage. (Source: had a quad screen, was told of high risk of Trisomy 18 and 21, risk increased with soft markers on prenatal anatomy scan. Had the amnio; baby had typical chromosomes.)

  20. • comedy: when he slips the tiny remote on his pocket, his tiny hair flip at "healing the world with comedy" and just his movements with the mic stand during this whole segment

  21. I tell you I am obsessed with the tiny remote slip in the pocket moment. It's perfect.

  22. it's just so delicate??? it took me SO MUCH TIME to notice that, i always thought that him putting his hand in his pocket was a nice move but i never realized he had a reason to do it

  23. The choreography of the whole special is really impressive, and he's so smooth throughout, even in the "candid" moments.

  24. Why do we have so many setts around New England? I lived here my whole life ,figured some one on here would know

  25. The "sett" names around here come from the fact that the indegenous people from here spoke Algonquin languages. Narragansett is the name of the indegenous people of the area, and it's believed the name means "people of the little points and bays" in the Narragansett language (which is, unfortunately, no longer spoken).

  26. It's poking fun at (mostly male) celebrities who make themselves out to be the victims (and put themselves in the cross) when they get "canceled." Basically, he's saying people who say things like "oh you can't make any jokes anymore!" or "this generation is just too sensitive," suck. He's using examples from his own career, which he has repeatedly and throughly denounced (esp things from when he was a literal child) in the song.

  27. You say it’s not true and it’s an urban legend but my sister in law is a teacher and she had a pupil in her class named la-a. That’s how I heard about the name, she teaches little children so someone must of heard about it on the internet and decided to actually use it.

  28. And women who spend a lot of time together often have their cycles sync up, so if she and this woman hang out a lot, it makes sense that they’d ovulate at about the same time. Not saying the post is true, but the chances of this being possible aren’t that bad.

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  30. Post removed for privacy by Power Delete Suite

  31. Lyanna is the younger one which makes me question if it's just a coincidence! I'm not brave enough to ask

  32. Post removed for privacy by Power Delete Suite

  33. It’s just a variant of the French Liana of the Spanish Iliana, which is a variant of the Greek Helen.

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  37. Post removed for privacy by Power Delete Suite

  38. Matching tattoos with your mom doesn't sound too insane, as long as it's not like... Massive. A little heart or something cute isn't crazy. Some moms are great

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