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Two "He Gets Us" Jesus ads will air during the Super Bowl. The group behind the ads has given $19 million to the hate group Alliance Defending Freedom and $8 million to Answers in Genesis (Creation Museum, Ark Park). They are anti-science Christian Nationalists who oppose LGBT and women's rights

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  1. Set your location to New Zealand and you can play the game now (don't know if this works on Playstation)

  2. Then I think the global start time is 1:00 PM EST (so it'll be different depending on your time zone)

  3. My favorite pokemon is Shuckle. Good luck everyone!

  4. Actually the only thing that FES doesn’t have is the ability to control your party

  5. Since this might be a good reason to finally paint my Phase 1 clones from the Starter box, does anyone have good source for a Phase 1 medic (except adding a greenstuff backpack to one of the troopers)?

  6. The republic specialists box comes with a medic and helmet options for phase 1 or phase 2.

  7. I've been buying Legion products for years and have never had a product with missing components. If you haven't put everything together I would do that and make sure you aren't mistaken. If you are missing pieces though it is extremely out of the ordinary.

  8. The cops should always be looking for solutions where no more people die.

  9. So I ask you, if you are a police officer, in a building where there is an active shooter who has already proven he has no regard for killing the police or innocent bystanders, and you come around the corner and see a man holding a rifle. What would you do?

  10. And how do you do that before he shoots you?

  11. What's funny to me is that Latinos are being included for no other reason than they're a minority too. It's still wrong to only allow black students to attend, but it atleast makes more logical sense that way.

  12. Some how none of Phil Collins amazing soundtrack for Tarzan made it onto this poll.

  13. I did mine with red skin and white leku with only faint stripes. Clothing wise I did a dark brown jacket to look sort of like a leather bomber jacket with pants painted to look like Denim. I basically did an old school biker look.

  14. I don't know how long the game is in total because I'm in the midst of my first playthrough right now. But I'm about 10 hours in and I just made it to the third full moon event (the one at the high school). That's with spending time doing social links and going to Tartarus fairly regularly.

  15. I was thinking about the binary sun thing yesterday. Do you thing they will always be at the same position relevant to each other throughout the day, every day, or will there be a lot of divergence. I struggled to think of what the solar system would actually look like with two suns in it.

  16. It depends on how tatooine orbits its suns. If the suns are relatively close and in the middle of the system than the center of gravity would be between them and tatooine could just have a big orbit around both of them making it not much different from a system with one sun, just with 2 in the sky at once.

  17. I think I imagine the two suns kind of orbit themselves like when contact jugglers spin those balls in their palms? So couldn't it happen fairly regularly, that from the point of view of the planet, one eclipses the other? Or if they're just constantly doing their spin at the same pace as the planet, so from that POV they're just always side by side?

  18. Yes, that's basically what my "both suns are in the center" proposal would require. Things can't just sit still in space

  19. With George Lucas' naming conventions his name is probably Salacious Bigot Crumb or some other seedy sounding name

  20. CAI will be dead in a few months and Pygmalion will never be as good.

  21. This is correct, the A.I is worse than character even in its lobotomized state and its a hassle to use. Was very disappointed when I tried to get it to be half-way decent for about 3 hours the other day.

  22. Sorry, did you read what I wrote or what you want me to have written? I mentioned multiple other incidents that are not part of that sermon.

  23. The statement I questioned was how you would die if you followed the sermon on the mount. I'm just ignoring irrelevant information you're trying to use to make your incorrect point.

  24. As I said you would die because you make zero plans for the future instead trusting that god would magic up a solution for your needs.

  25. Your extrapolating something the text doesn't say. He doesn't say "make zero plans for the future" he says don't worry about it, with the Greek word being translated worry meaning to be anxious about it.

  26. I've not found a way to fit maul into shadow collective lists that I'm happy with. You want to include Rook Kast with him but by the time you have him with uogrades and an upgraded squad of mandos you've blown 1/3 of your points.

  27. Double Battleforce is another option, which I hadn't considered mentioning, but seems like it'd be your best bet. You might want 2x Essentials Kits, one for you and the other for your partner. Expansions are usually single unit packs which add to your army, yes. Rebels and Empire have probably the greatest diversity of expansion packs, being the two oldest factions, but Pubs and Seps are quickly catching up.

  28. The CIS Battleforce box is %100 enough for an 800 point list.

  29. I literally did the "WW1 adventure" yesterday and was able to describe myself running through the trenches nude shooting people and stabbing them then rubbing their blood and guts on my naked body without having a single chat error.

  30. Should've left out "dog" from the set up and it would've flowed better.

  31. I'm loving the new pokemon in Paldea. My team I'm finishing up the game with is Clodsire, Brambleghast, Farigiraf, Tatsugiri, Belibolt, and Talonflame.

  32. If anyone initiates dangerous violence towards another person, the target is justified in striking back.

  33. to me that part is bitter sweet because i dont think thats what arthur whouldve wanted

  34. That's really John's motif though. He wants to be a family man, but he can't escape the cycle of violence he's put himself into (see RDR 1)

  35. Getting to see John build a family (while also building a house literally and as a metaphor) was one of the best things about RDR2. Makes the original game even more tragic though.

  36. A mix of both would be cool. Let us have some of the cool characters/moments from Luke's Jedi Order in legends but have it end in the destruction caused by Kylo Ren.

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