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  1. Just so you know, cena V theory is confirmed to open night 1

  2. I suspect companies are going to get significant pushback on things like this and boycotting companies that shift away from human workers to AI is going to be a big social issue over the next few years.

  3. Interesting point. But sounds like it’ll lead to stunted progress

  4. Good question and thank you for giving something to think about .

  5. Honestly that promo gave off some weird vibes at some point . Really felt like there was a twist coming . Not sure if that was intentional or not

  6. I still need to know when Dom got so much ink

  7. Various WWE superstars will run, jump, and fight !

  8. So so so sooo good and amazing awesome epic cool very interesting great guitar sounds and hilarious vocals hahaha I just have started laughing thinking about thos lyrics

  9. Same. Spinner gimmick aside, it looks like a bedazzled child’s toy

  10. I guess that’s appropriate considering this was pretty much the start of the PG era

  11. I did one where Mr Beast meets Mr Bean

  12. The "what" chant is the WORST. Just let me listen to the goddamn promo!!!!

  13. “What” sometimes works for guys like LA Knight or Elias but definitely is annoying when they’re doing it to someone like Roman

  14. I'm raising children with focus on nature based education, values/virtue development, emotional fluidity/mastery, and logic/critical thinking. Beyond that their learning is self-organized.

  15. That’s interesting. What’s the curriculum, if any?How do you teach them? Sorry if this is a loaded question .

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