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  1. That’s “manga cake” not bread

  2. Did the fan come with any balancing weights? Sometimes the blades aren’t matched and you actually have to use those weights. There should also be a balancing procedure.

  3. Wow, every new year about this time alcohol is bad for some reason or another and coffee is a life saver. Come June, coffee causes cancer and alcohol is good in moderation. We all need something to talk about……..

  4. Other than a required yearly State Inspection (just done), nothing. I've had no other problems with the car.

  5. Sorry, I don't even know what that is. My dashboard display looks normal.

  6. Start with regular maintenance like oil change, spark plugs, etc. , as seen in your owners manual.

  7. I have stopped using wax rings with abs drain ways as I find that the wax doesn’t stick to the abs at all, and any motion compresses the wax and leaves a gap between the drain flange and wax. The blue rubbery ones with a collar that fits down the drain work great. I think plumbers still use wax because they get them for < a buck apiece in bulk.

  8. Compound miter cuts. Some measuring and planning and 2 45deg cuts.

  9. Double overhead cam engine has solid lifters. They tend to get noisy in time as they wear in. If there is one or two out of tolerance it will get obviously noisier but not a problem. That is why all these motors have a sound deadening cover on top. If the engine gets quieter, that is a problem as valves may be held open and damaged.

  10. I added 1 ROGERS pod to my place to get consistent coverage in the basement because the furnace ductwork was making wifi iffy. The router was dropping smart devices and my automations were failing. This worked to solve that problem, but really fast 5g wifi is still iffy. It took the pod at least a week to stabilize out the coverage so that it all worked, and if there is a power outage it sometimes takes a day or 2 to stabilize again. My ignite tv box and computer down there are both hardwired to lan so that isn’t a problem. There is a lan port on the pod, if its convenient maybe try that to see if certain devices work better?

  11. The only time it happens to me is when the wan goes down. The whole neighborhood gets reloaded when it comes back and up gets reassigned

  12. This old guy now needs his poles to compensate for his inner ear as vertigo rules my life. If it is grey out and the horizon is lost, without poles as feelers I eventually end up laying down ……

  13. I say good luck. I had a chocolate lab many years ago who would come out with me in the snow, learned very quickly to stay behind because it was easier. He also found it really funny to step on my snowshoe tail when I was really going. Face plant, I swear he could laugh…..

  14. Old guy here, the Harris government is to blame for hydro costs now. It is the failed attempt at privatization that did it. Old Ontario hydro was a special crown corp that could only charge for costs and development NOT profit. It was also largely financed by Europe, it was a AAA investment. The cons under Harris sold that debt to USA interests to close out the debt structure and tried to entice private investment into new power plants to create competition. Big fail as no one bought in as they can’t compete with OPG. As a customer of electricity in this province you are still servicing this debt conversion from Europe to the USA. You’re rates would be about 1/3 of what they are today if this had not happened. The liberal’s attempt to keep some money in Ontario was misinterpreted. Also remember the 407 is funneling money out of country to a Spanish company. Another Harris failure. Cons ideological bent toward privatization is never ending. Open your eyes and look at the motives not the handouts. We are a rich province and a rich country. Privatizing social improvements is historically never been the answer. Work to have your taxes improve your life, and not make some fat rich guy richer.

  15. If Robin Hood was asked he would say, place painting on tall man’s head, shoot with arrow…..

  16. My wife rented an Elantra many years ago, loved it and has bought 3 since. Out of all of those, 1 needed an AC clutch after 9 years. She currently has a 7 year old Santa Fe. I have just done a complete break job, changed and repaired some engine sensors and solenoids, changed tranny fluid, and transfer case oil and rear differential oil. 130,000kms and I think it’s good for another. The one thing I would make aware of, Hyundai no longer sells service manuals to the public. I am using the tribal knowledge of YouTube. This is a chore. Couple this with fact that I have lost trust in their dealership service as they have regularly screwed up simple things like oil changes and tire pressure checks. Cars are great, dealers not so much!

  17. Thx people of Barrie, info is helpful

  18. There is a good chance you have some iron, or black pipe in your supply from the well. It rusts over time and the rust will shed. Blow down your water heater and see if there is any black rust in the bottom of the water heater. Trace the piping back as far as you can to check for iron pipe. Change it out for copper or pex.

  19. I think I get now, after a trip west of here to smaller community last week. I encountered more than a few maskless people with antivax tshirts. They reminded me of a certain group of smokers when smoking was still legal everywhere. About 25% of adults smoked, but less than half of them(so 10%) were only happy when they could light up next to a person who would be uncomfortable or annoyed with the smoke. It seemed to be the only joy in their day. Making someone more miserable than themselves made them happier. This behaviour is the new antisocial smoking from years gone by. When this passes, they will need to find a new irritant to satisfy their misery

  20. Go to Kingston area, lots of food , beer, history. Then head out to Bath, Glenora Ferry, and spend time in Prince Edward county. There are wineries, breweries, food, Sandbanks provincial park for some beach time, and many cute towns. This area is flat and a bicycling mecca. If your 5 days is not up yet, I would spend some time exploring the Rideau Canal and it’s towns such as Westport, and Chaffey’s Lock. Kingston is roughly 2 hours from the Quebec border, so you will always be relatively close to home.

  21. These mounting brackets are bolt on from the inside of the forks. If Honda can’t provide it, I think your best bet is a bike wrecker. We have these in Canada and they have been a lifesaver for me over the years with old bikes. Good luck.

  22. Has anyone ever found a pod that could not be read? Just went through this. Did two cleaning cycles and the next pod worked. I tried the unreadable pod again and it didn’t work(2 amber blinks).

  23. If he were wearing two shirts, he would be the Sheldon Cooper of the coffee world! I need to see more.

  24. Need it for cycling to track distance and cadence

  25. Get a Apple Watch our other sport watches

  26. They don’t do cadence, just came in from a short ride and the app lets me shutoff gps access, that made a big difference, but no mapping of ride now.

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