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  1. It’s common when someone lives in a city because they have access to better public transport, but in the countryside it’s more unusual, I’d say very unusual, for someone to not at least have their licence. Most adult rural-living people at least can drive a car, even if they don’t own one, because it’s far more of a necessity.

  2. Yeah, we had that in my primary school in the 90s. It was amazing! I had a Spy Fun Fax that I went around using to learn how to write secret messages with lemon juice.

  3. The angle seems too high (too vertical) for fountain pens. Try 45 degrees so that the nib is in better contact with the paper :)

  4. The only book I’ve read with a plot similar to this is Back Home by Michelle Magorian, but I’m not sure it’s that because the MC in that is female. Set after WW2, sent to boarding school against her will, is bullied, and there’s a sort of bombed out house in the woods near the school involved.

  5. NTA — it doesn’t take two people to change a nappy/diaper. One parent could’ve held the non-poopy kid while the other dealt with the poopy one. I would’ve refused too; it’s certainly not your responsibility to look after someone else’s child.

  6. If you like this vibe, join us over in

  7. Exactly, I generally much prefer the matte finish, so I'm holding on purchasing until I know what's what.

  8. I’ve just ordered them, and I’m also hoping they’re matte! I guess I’ll find out…

  9. Fallout 4 is one I’d pick for those characteristics. I loved the Far Cry series too, and Fallout 4 isn’t difficult to get into or understand once you get going. There’s a massive world to explore (although it’s not beautiful by design), and you can pretty much play the game however you want to play it. There are some very fun moments to be had, some interesting characters to meet, and if you get really annoyed at some bad guys you can launch a mini nuke at them!

  10. I believe it's the Cornish who are still confused, friend.

  11. You’re all confused. Jam goes on one side of the scone, and cream on the other.

  12. Okay, thank you both. I’m sure it’ll be simple enough. I guess I’m probably just getting pre-flight nerves haha 😂 Thanks.

  13. My advice, if you can manage this with your backpack, is to put all your electronics in one particular pocket in your backpack. So all you have to do is take them out of that pocket and put them on the tray, then your bag in another one, and then you can put them straight back in the same place when you get to the other side.

  14. When Britain Burned the White House: the 1814 Invasion of Washington by Peter Snow. I think I might reread it myself, because I’ve visited Washington DC since reading it the first time.

  15. For me he’s like a variety box of chocolates. I started with Warbreaker and absolutely loved it. Eagerly picked up Elantris only to dislike practically everything about it. Picked up Mistborn and got bored within a few chapters. Then started the Stormlight Archive and genuinely loved it. I might give Mistborn another go.

  16. No, because friends and family are already too involved by virtue of knowing one or more of the people involved, and therefore won’t give unbiased opinions. Sometimes it’s very useful to get outside perspectives on something. Plus, therapy costs money and Reddit doesn’t. Most of AITA posts are “I might have done a stupid thing” or “I have this opinion, what do you think?” and so unless a problem has specific psychological/specialist needs, it’s useful to ask a bunch of strangers. Sometimes a lot of the opinions are crap, but sometimes they aren’t. And something good may come of it.

  17. Love the colour but OP be advised, the lubrication of this ink is terrible. If you have a big juicy nib that won't be a problem but it might be if you have something a bit finer.

  18. And then there’s me, using it with an EF nib perfectly well :)

  19. Really!? I used it in my medium pilot 823 and it felt like I was writing with a needlepoint.

  20. Yeah :) in fact the reason I picked it to be my travelling ink was because it worked so well in an EF nib even on Paperblanks paper (which is what my current travel diary is). My handwriting is fairly small so EF nibs, or F at most, are a must for me. I’m sorry you haven’t had the same experience with it though; that’s a shame as it’s such a lovely colour!

  21. Eating your weight’s worth of roast dinner on Christmas Day and then doing it all again but this time with bubble and squeak on Boxing Day.

  22. Maybe he just thinks lullabies are for babies and didn’t like the connotation? I understand why you feel hurt but maybe he just doesn’t find that kind of thing cute. Perhaps find out why he reacted that way and try something else next time :)

  23. You want to look at Bella Books, and Bold Strokes. They’re both LGBT romance publishers, primarily slanting female relationships. They’re mostly modern. You want authors like Gerri Hill, Georgia Beers, etc :)

  24. NAH — it’s within your rights, but it’s not very responsible. She’s just probably trying to tell you that.

  25. Sofa when I lived in Wales, couch now I live in England with my wife who’s always called it a couch. I’ve never heard anyone call it a settee.

  26. Yeah but if she like turns to alcohol what do I do I feel like I would be responsible no?

  27. And how do you think she’s going to feel when you tell her you wanted to break up months before but were “preparing” her this whole time? You don’t think she’ll also then feel belittled and manipulated on top of being broken up with, and that likely that will make it worse? You’re being unkind. If you want to end the relationship then end it; stop this nonsense.

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