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Post-Match Thread: Arsenal vs. Spurs (1 Oct 2022)

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

I'm in this with you.

When laughter meets percussion

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[Happy crab noises]

  1. Cant exactly make a clean getaway wearing that shit

  2. Played poorly all the way up to the red card, didn’t deserve to win today

  3. Im having the same issue but with ICU. Been submitting for 2 weeks and nothing. Considering submitting for PCU at this point

  4. I almost took pcu in NC today but then an Icu offer came in. It’s been 2week. Ps OP u said u with flex care, can’t u go with other agencies. I work with like 5 agencies

  5. Im doing per diem shifts at home until something good pops up

  6. Just enjoy the high you get from the fumes every time you take a ride

  7. For the hospitality packages yes. Or at least mine is. Some other packages from other companies may not have one.

  8. Throw 100lbs of sand/cat litter in the trunk, you’ll be fine

  9. Doesn’t sound too bad though, just helping out in a classroom? Might be a chill assignment

  10. Yeah.. that's what I originally thought.. but no lol. I've been working the assignment since June. The classroom is multiple students with mental disabilities such as gene mutations, autism, cerebral palsy. It's not chill at all lol. Each student has PT, OT, Hearing, Vision, and Speech therapy everyday. And each paraeducator (aka teachers aide) is given the students IEP (Individualized Educational Program) which specifies the specific educational goals for that student based on their mental/physical capabilities. I'm not a teacher nor do I know how to help these kids reach their goals LOL

  11. Yeah its awesome. I shit in a bucket and wash up at the gas station bathroom.

  12. Total Class Act. Beat the 💩 out of that AWFUL Twyler TellGuy.

  13. I watch the game on mute if that guy is calling it

  14. I’m trying to forgive myself for watching this

  15. Turn off the propaganda grandpa, thats enough

  16. Take the redline for sure, traffic/parking sucks

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