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  1. Is it worth finding a z06 with higher mileage for under 20? Or stick with a lower mileage non z06

  2. I picked up an 80k mile Z06 recently. Paid $17,500. Went straight to the track. It's been a blast.

  3. All about the gym (assuming our hygiene is adequate).

  4. I have a weird relationship with the series; I finished the trilogy in a couple weeks and barely put it down, but I think the story and characters are mediocre. I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it, but I don't understand the ravenous praise it gets.

  5. I couldn't stand all of the reiteration and call backs. I flipped through the pages of Well of Ascension, stuck my finger in a random page, and of something like 20 paragraphs, only 1 had new information or moved the story forward. Those books could have been <200 pages each. Unreadable for me, which is a bummer because I loved the world.

  6. The ending was somehow still better than the book’s. The show went to nearly comical extremes to cover every plot hole in the book

  7. I was hit by an unlicensed, uninsured driver running a red a couple months ago. DPD never responded. Best part, it was in front of the police station!

  8. How are you doing from that? I hope you are recovering okay

  9. Thank you! And thanks for asking. Super lucky to be getting back to life a couple months later, although I’ve got surgery coming up. Will say, has been hard dealing with the anger and frustration toward the driver.

  10. If you have a firestick and do not have a Flo sub, you may be able to use their incompetence to your advantage.

  11. Ya idk why this sub has a problem with people putting effort into their rolls.

  12. Effort at the gym where you train should be put toward getting better. Beating your training partners is only for the ego.

  13. Just hang in there for the curve. I learned naught in P-chem but racked up solid B's.

  14. ok but for real... is there no discernable difference between bjj rashguards and surfing rashguards?

  15. The couple of gym rashguards I have that are higher end - A&P and Scramble - do feel softer and less…idk, under armor-y? than my surf ones. But, they also fell apart way sooner. Prefer the cheap boys

  16. R4G says:

    What brand are you guys buying? I have surf rashies, but they're definitely a bit loose for BJJ.

  17. I’ve got a drawer full of RVCA. Like 15 schmackos with promo codes

  18. Really shitty security company. Worked for them for about 3 weeks in college. At the time they were paying DIA security $11/hr. Last I heard they were going on strike.

  19. What about all those vehicles going around with no plates? I see those daily

  20. Had to drive through Thornton the other day. Saw no less than 10 in a 2 mile stretch. Two of them passed me on a single lane/double yellow. Thornton wildin'

  21. I got hit by a car last week. Unlicensed, uninsured. Uptown. No cops responded. To the scene or at the ER.

  22. The security guard at my building has a big stick for poking junkies in the morning, seeing which ones are still alive.

  23. I'd suggest higher reps working on explosiveness on a trap bar, Bulgarian split squats for heavy general strength work, box jumps, suitcase carries and one arm overhead carries.

  24. Great advice. Hard (not impossible) to screw up a trap bar deadlift. Farmer walks with a FatGripz have been great for no-gi grip strength.

  25. I low sided. Front wheel lost traction on a turn. Too fast on sketchy road surfaces.

  26. Thanks. That last point is a good one, too. I pinned the throttle when I saw the SUV to my right, but I just didn't have the juice to get out of the way.

  27. Unbelievable. Wearing all the gear is a big theme on here. super important

  28. Go window-watch a spin class or CrossFit. Creep on someone spending an hour on a treadmill.

  29. My boy was ahead of the growth curve, but stopped growing at about 10 months and 110lbs. Guess there is a lot of variation.

  30. I’ve done what the buyer’s proposing 10+ times with USAA, who has no branches.

  31. You know I'm moving to Denver in July from Chicago and I'm a bit worried. I think my perception is skewed though because of this sub and I have to remind myself it'd be the same story if I read about Chicago crime daily.

  32. I just moved here from Chicago. Chicago's worst neighborhoods are much, much worse than anything you'd find in Denver. But between comparable neighborhoods in the two cities, Denver might feel less safe. I.e. if you had an apartment in Lakeview and are moving to Denver's Uptown, you might be shocked by how many junkies you have to step over on the sidewalk.

  33. But still illegal to drive on the street.

  34. My dirt bike is street legal and registered... and gets 80mpg

  35. Stepping over dead addicts and sleeping homeless laying in the street.

  36. damn. I just commented on your fb, now I see this. I have to turn my life around.

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