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  1. The fact that I can't pay women compliments about their hair, nails, perfume, clothes without it being interpreted as anything more than a compliment. I don't want to date you, just want to tell you you look nice today.

  2. About 4 years ago In my highschool biology class I was partnered with a really dark skinned girl. The only reason I mention that is because she had really deep blue eyes which caught me off guard. I was preoccupied moving my books and backpack over to the sink that we had to sit at and I glanced up and her eyes were the first thing I noticed. Without even thinking I said woah you're eyes are beautiful. That was before I realized what kind of balls it would have taken me to say that normally. It came out as a sincere and honest first impression. And flirting was the last thing on my mind. I think the next day she asked the teacher to switch partners because she and another student had switched places without my knowing. The rest of that semester I couldn't help but feel that my sudden compliment might have come off wrong and that I made her uncomfortable.

  3. That's too bad if it was taken wrong. Sounded sincere to me.

  4. I don’t need someone ringing my doorbell when my doorbell automatically lets me know someone is at my door. Just leave it and go is what I prefer, why do I need to interact with the person dropping off my food?

  5. You don't, but why are people so scared of interacting with the person dropping off their food? (aside from COVID, which seems to have subsided)

  6. True, but then the dogs go nuts without the doorbell too. Ha ha.

  7. Totally get that. And feedback like that is constructive. But I have seen comments from people complaining that they don't want to hear older moms talking about sex, which to me seems uncalled for.

  8. Saying "I don't like it when old moms talk about sex" is not the same as saying "I don't think sex talk is appropriate for this podcast".

  9. How excellent! I'd never heard of Brookline until I started listening to CONAF, but I do pass the former site of the John F. Kennedy Memorial in London every day on my commute. Unfortunately, the statue of his head was removed from the memorial for security after it was vandalised in 2017, and it's now hidden inside a nearby building. The plinth upon which his head used to sit was also vandalised and is now covered with a sign directing people to the new location of his head.

  10. I've seen that memorial! I studied in London in 1993 and just stumbled across it one day. It was nice as an American to see some love for JFK over there.

  11. Fair play, if I can find them I'll give them a listen...

  12. The Michael Scott Podcast Company has done every topic imaginable already though.

  13. Maybe what we need to do is leave a Kia out in a parking lot, attach like fifty catalytic converters to the undercarriage, sprinkle a bunch of USB sticks on the ground around it, and put a sign on top of the hood that says "free bird seed."

  14. I'm having a good laugh picturing this animated Chuck Jones style like the Roadrunner and Coyote.

  15. I used to work at a call center where i had access to people's home addresses and they still acted crazy to me. Like. I could be a psychopath and this client could be the last straw that makes me snap. I know where they live and they're still gonna test me like that.

  16. Like Instacart customer who claim theft when it never happened and give drivers unjustified low ratings.

  17. Yep. I got suspended in high school over a decade ago for getting punched in the face by a kid as he got off the bus. I stood up and used my reach to physically hold him back from hitting me more.

  18. You sound more reasonable than the administrator.

  19. I feel like this is funny enough to do a limited series of just Conan & Timothy, like the one with Dana Carvey

  20. So this was recorded in early November back when Conan was in NYC for the Beacon Theater shows. That's over two months ago. I wonder what else is sitting around waiting to be released. They did a good job keeping this one a secret.

  21. How lazy are earwolf that they don't have a new place lined up for them? You knew this was coming. So weird.

  22. I grew up in the American upper midwest, and we always called them either garage sales or yard sales. But yeah I'm sure it varies regionally!

  23. I went from yard sales in Maine to tag sales in Connecticut, so it varies within the New England region.

  24. Agreed about Earwolf. Office Ladies is hugely popular with big sponsors. Find them a studio already!

  25. I don't think expressing annoyance with one particular woman makes one sexist.

  26. Has to be the only female Allan in existence? I know it's a lot less interesting than her occupation but wish I wish Conan would have at least quickly asked about the origin. Family name? Compromise portmanteau? Nickname?

  27. Kurt Angle: Honorary member of The Shield AND DX.

  28. I know someone who stopped a shoplifter in target, they no longer work at target. They were fired because you are trained to never do this. I mean where I live its not even considered theft until you actually leave the store. Even chasing them out the store is a big no no because you don't know what that person is capable of or if they have a weapon. I remember reading a story of a pizza hut employee chasing some "dine and dashers" they pulled her into their car and drove away; it's just not worth it for some shitty job that doesn't care about you and likely has insurance for that exact reason.

  29. So what are we (as a society) supposed to do as people just walk out of stores with carts full of merchandise? The lack of consequences is why they do it.

  30. Nothing. Walmart will contact the police. This aint Grandma Ethels Small Supply business. Its a multinational multi-billion dollar conglomerate. Walmart will be okay.

  31. But what about the rest of us hard-working people paying for our stuff? This is not fair to us.

  32. They've won 4 playoff games in the last 20 years. The cowboys were last in the NFC championship in 1996. Jalen Hurts was born in 1998. This man grew up, became a professional athlete, and made it to the NFC championship before they were able to go back.

  33. Yes. Last time they were in the Super Bowl, the post game show was a very special episode of Friends.

  34. I used to manage a Panera bread in high school. One time I was the only manager on duty, later at night. I was counting a drawer and someone comes in like "you're never gonna believe this but someone wants to talk to you."

  35. Congrats on being promoted to manager while still in high school.

  36. Some people clearly don't realise that this sketch was a reference

  37. Thank you. Once again, they are referencing a meme I had no idea about.

  38. So many dudes immediately jump to "I would let my homies hit it".

  39. Yeah I see your point. Still, there are a lot of hidden fees and maintenence steps involved in having a vagina.

  40. Are you content with having a vagina as a tran man, or would you want phalloplasty or some surgery? (Sorry if this is too personal)

  41. Just wait until you get older. One of the very few benefits of aging.

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