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  1. Hey all! Your local beer, whiskey, and coffee nerd here to continue my wine journey! Despite the Greek wine review being a flop, y'all know the drill by now so let's cut down on the intro to get straight to the booze.

  2. How dare you assume this comment is sexual. I am refering my admiration of their strength in persevering against the misogynist ayatollah regime. I am deeply offended you would make such a crude assumption about me and will be suing you for defamation and libel.

  3. Treebeard was just a lowly NIMBY Luddite opposed to development in his neighborhood 😤

  4. Akshually he was just looking for property rights to be respected 🙄

  5. Last I looked this had been true even for low percentile earners. I guess it depends what time frame you're looking at though. I would be surprised if it's reached significantly more than a wash in the last 3 years, but I'm open to being surprised.

  6. Not a cheap fix but I think my apartment is dark because the paint my landlord used is so flat. If its your own space or you plan on staying for awhile you could try to repaint with eggshell or satin paint on your walls.

  7. I'd way rather have natural light in my living space.

  8. If anyone has ideas for what the name should be please let me know

  9. !ping VEGAN for reasons I think are funniest if left to your imagination I've gotten really good at sucking the air out of ziploc bags. I also own an instant pot

  10. Severan Dynasty best dynasty for featuring a trans emperor and multiple political girlbosses

  11. The Denver area really needs this, so many RTD stations that are basically in the middle of nowhere.

  12. That's a lot of density for being pretty far out into the suburbs. This post got me curious and I discovered this cluster of high rises being built at the end o f the subway in what appears to be

  13. Just plug in the new signals lol, how hard could it be?

  14. When I finally get home, I’m gonna take a big dump, shower and go to bed. 😌

  15. Los Angeles students come out against teachers’ strike. One local kindergartener told LATimes reporters that “I think the teachers have a responsibility to the children, and this just further demonstrates the irresponsibility of public sector unions”

  16. There's also the matter of taking off months at a time to actually go on a RTW trip.

  17. You also have to care enough about premium cabins to commit to specific dates vs just staying flexible and booking cheap cash economy fares.

  18. Do you have any tips for making the job hunt suck less? It's a bit daunting to shotgun my resume to a bunch of random job applications with little hope of anyone responding.

  19. Apply early, I wouldn’t bother with any postings more than a week old unless it’s really niche

  20. I gotta ask why the economist thinks uninsured depositors should have suffered a haircut when the bank was just illiquid rather than insolvent

  21. I mean if there’s no intervention than that’s better than waiting for those treasuries to mature.

  22. Does this apply to trespassing on any public property? Why is transit different.

  23. You’re telling me Newark and New York are next to each other? Did the writers even try coming up with a creative name?

  24. thinking of getting into mechanical keyboards, how bad will my wallet hurt

  25. It irrationally pisses me off every time I see L’industrie mentioned with no sight of F&F.

  26. I'm not as high on them as you seem to be but the idea that people will wait in line for Baby Lucs or hang around all day for a table at Lucali when F&F is right there, is crazy.

  27. Whats the etiquette when an airbnb host leaves their personal netflix account on the tv

  28. How can we speed up gentrification?

  29. If someone gets pastaed hard, I’ll upvote the original comment even if it’s dumb. Sparking a bunch of content like that should be rewarded.

  30. Only one man hero can save 49ers football and California from the woke Brock Banks

  31. We’re taking back our state! We’re going to have a state again, many people are saying!

  32. Wow! Thank you for the information! I'm quite the nerd, so this really got me going. Have you had wines from this producer/vineyard? What are your opinions?

  33. If you like fresh Chardonnays from France I'd recommend Chablis. Plenty of Chablis and ever Premier Cru Chablis available for under $50.

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