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  1. I am permabanned from the other sub for posting my experiences in portland.

  2. I feel validated by being right, not by getting 'likes' from terrified boomers on Nextdoor.

  3. I suppose. But where is the fun in that?

  4. I wouldn’t call that trolling. But maybe sensitive Sally’s do.

  5. Hi. I just wanted to tell you that you are 100% correct, regardless of what these bs responses are trying to say otherwise.

  6. Do you think they have someone paraphrase it to them? Or read a yelp review? Who doesn't read reddit themself?

  7. Can be changed to others without much effort, if you knew the game well, you would know that

  8. You can't change heroes that are ascended that far. You clearly don't play the game, or you would know that ...and know that this is not a sellable account, you're not supposed to sell your account, no one cares about the mines level, you have exactly zero 5 skilled heroes usable, 1k diamonds? lol ... you didn't even post your backpack contents or your shards or anything of interest.

  9. Ha ha, small things amuse small minds. Have you never heard of the reset , disassemble and revert options. Some of which allow you to regain shards used or regain mementos to level up the ones you want. Stop getting others to do things for you and read instruction you might learn something. At a certain lvl, you can't wind them back, that's true, but you can retrieve mementos used to lvl up others

  10. That's quite a roundabout way to say I was right. Also so glad I could amuse you.

  11. Barron, Blanche, Kelly, Lunn, and Laurel. This way you have 3/2 faction buff. Put tough wall and castle on Barron and put him in the front. Use the contract on Kelly and Laurel. Qian is also great if you can ascend her more, but focus on the 5 skilled heroes.

  12. Its pretty amazing that no one has a definitive answer on this question. I would have assumed that it would come up more often. Just seems super silly for there not to be a way to play with people that you may know. Pretty frustrating.

  13. It comes up *a lot* actually, but maybe the conversations are happening in-game.

  14. Hahha. I can't wait till they get rid of the doorways and stoops next!

  15. 2024: Portland removes all doorways and steps to stop people from doing drugs in public.

  16. Y'all see the lady who was notified by the city she has to pay 20k to fix a sidewalk infront of her house. The city said for safety....then you see this article lolz

  17. Simple solution: set up a tent and garbage on top of / around what needs to be repaired.

  18. There are some income restricted (make less than ~40k/year) places around; check here for lists:

  19. Everything they put on those ballots is a deal with the devil. Leave it to Portland to make me question whether getting rid of slavery might be a bad idea.

  20. Oh gods, I had the same thoughts the last election - "What are they really trying to do here?!"

  21. The fact places like north Korea with extreme censorship exist doesn't impact our freedom of speech here in the us.

  22. lol you have never worn your favorite pair of cords nearly everyday for years, I see.

  23. Hey, could I get that pulsepoint link from you, please? I've lost it somehow

  24. The left calls it “scholastic terrorism”

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