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  1. Please be cautious - pet corrector spray and other startle noises can be aversive which is not best practice. You run the risk of puppy associating the startle sound with something else in the environment and not the action you're attempting to train out, and it can cause pups to become unpredictabily reactive and fearful.

  2. Yep, all good advice. As I said, it's good when used as a last resort.

  3. A covered crate and radio 4 on low does the trick for ours.

  4. This is quite odd behaviour. Does pup have an upset tummy?

  5. 100% yes. Don't think I'd have survived this long without forced naps

  6. Which country still measures weight in stones sometimes?

  7. Brit here, we claim to be metric, but we're not really. We do everything in imperial as well as metric, and we still use miles and yards on our roads as well.

  8. Would you get laughed out of a pub if you ordered a liter of beer?

  9. It doesn't even exist. There are only pint, half pint or third pint glasses!

  10. At 16 weeks were on 8 hours (10pm to 6am). We've been extending by 15 mins every few days. He never seems that desperate in the morning, and we take water away at 8pm.

  11. Jesus it took me 5 weeks to get to this point. Fair play.

  12. What pup thinks it wants is not the same as what you need to provide. If you allow it, the puppy with consume your life. Remember to keep control and set boundaries.

  13. A relative of mine went the route of allowing their pup to sleep on the bed. A year later they deeply regret it because it disrupts their sleep and any intimacy has become impossible.

  14. Anything is better than Wainrights. That stuff is low grade! Recently switched from it to Royal Canin. Unbelievable difference.

  15. I bought a puppy at 9 weeks and that was hard enough. I'd never get another under 12 weeks, it's too young.

  16. Mine is 15 weeks and I have to enforce naps otherwise things get uncontrollable. Behaviour deteriorates after 45-50 mins. Pup doesn't know when to stop so it's into the crate before he gets a chance to lose his composure and misbehave.

  17. 1.5-2.5 hours per nap? I love this little gremlin but I’m just thinking of all the work I can get done if she’s sleeping that much lol

  18. Yes, but he won't sleep the whole time. I cover the crate and he stays in there whether asleep or awake. It's our routine and seems to work well. Even if he's not asleep he's chilling and relaxing.

  19. Keeping things calm is the key. A quick hello and then nice calm interactions. Sounds like he sees them as play things.

  20. You don’t give in to a terrorist. If the food you want her on is the one she’s striking, too bad. You put it down for 15 minutes (nothing added to it) and then you pick it up and she gets nothing until the next meal. After a few days she’ll cave.

  21. "You absolutely disgusting creature", after he's caught eating his own poo for the 3rd time in a day.

  22. Our dog trainer said for certain areas of the garden, like where' there's shingle he loves to put in his mouth, is to adopt "lazy training". In a nutshell, block off areas where you don't want pup to be. Take away the temptation and the risk. Then, as he gets older and wiser, start giving more freedom.

  23. I've tried many things, and the one which seems to be working will probably get me downvoted...

  24. This is hit or miss. I will do this to protect myself while I get her leash back on and prepare to pull her away so I can separate myself. I’ve had to full blown restrain her a few times when she really got overstimulated and play bit me hard enough for me to worry about actual injury. It’s hard to keep your cool with they’re doing this— the non-contact techniques are much preferred to these fallback methods, which I use only for my own safety

  25. Yea that's fair enough. I don't expect it to work as he gets older. Only at 13 weeks here and he's small.

  26. I would stop sitting somewhere she can jump like that, maybe try it standing. And of course don't reward until she does it how you want.

  27. I’m from the UK and the main difference is when people talk about taking their puppy to the dog park…these aren’t really a thing in UK. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a park just for dogs (or how I imagine a dog park is like in USA) 😀

  28. There is one near where I live in East Sussex, but agree, they are not that common!

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