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  1. Going forward, I'll be synergizing my assets with my lifestyle vis a vis consumer goods to maximize productivity and ergonomics as it aligns with longterm personal finance goals!

  2. Does anyone else not want to switch jobs because they don't want to go through the onboarding process again? Not just the Week One, "here's your laptop, set it up, etc" but establishing the connections between all the various departments and key people. Whenever I do think of switching, even if for a better title, I don't want to go back to 'learning the ropes' of a new place.

  3. Imagine if you worked where the various departments and key people didn't work well together. I'm looking forward to another on-boarding lol.

  4. Thanks for the post. It reaffirms my decision to not upgrade my tupperdor.

  5. I used to travel a lot and it would gross me out so much when people would be getting breakfast having clearly just rolled out of bed and come straight to breakfast.

  6. Been wanting to try this, but can bring myself to pay the $225 it goes for locally here 😩

  7. I can agree with that although been dreaming about it since a kid so hard to pass up the chance on my grail piece. That's why debating on which one of the other two to let go to provide for the family while still staying in the hobby I love!

  8. And then they promptly changed the law to fix that loophole.

  9. If parents of teenagers can’t handle it, maybe they should have an option.

  10. Same here, no issues. Also I'm not about to carry $10,000+ in cash through a mall...that's a disaster waiting to happen.

  11. Accept the first and the quit if you have to for the second. It’s just business. You’ve got to look out for yourself or no one will!

  12. Gang Gang. My 11 is going strong since launch. Battery health is in the 80s but gets me through the work day. No need to upgrade until it dies or becomes slow

  13. Same here. I’m never away from a charger long enough to matter. Looking forward to getting a 14 though! Mainly for 120 hz and I think the purple one looks awesome!

  14. When someone else has more. That is a lot. The money I have is simply a modest sum!

  15. How do I work after a bad nights sleep? Easy my friend. Poorly. I work poorly.

  16. 9, Dad retired early and is a buy and hold investor. He has ridden the waves and stayed the course and it has payed out for him.

  17. Uhh, you reading the shit about Pelosi visiting Taiwan? It’s could get hot for her plane!

  18. Point out it’s a lesson learned but it was a team effort and this is why multiple people check things before going to print.

  19. Anyone receive a work performance warning and what was the outcome?

  20. no one is trying to outlaw same sex marriages, it’s really a non issue

  21. Oban 14, but mainly because I’ve had or currently have most of these and haven’t had thay. Also, where’s you’re ardbegs at?!

  22. I’ve had all the classic Ardbegs. Corryvrekan, An Oa, Uigeadail. I wanted to start picking up some Laphroiags cause I’ve been enjoying them quite a lot

  23. I’m about pour some ardbeg 10 here in a minute! Im putting it off so I stick to 1.

  24. So true. Which is strange cause all a Bible study is supposed to be is looking at context and subtext. On the other hand maybe thats why the Bible is so misinterpreted

  25. Yes but they only look until it verifies their belief and then they stop looking.

  26. Don't tell people you've saved enough to never work again, just that you've saved enough to homeschool for a few years, or through middle school. People don't need to know your whole situation. And if you like your job and company maybe you would want to go back after a few years. Leave the door open.

  27. Enough people expressed interest in knowing the top-rated pizza place/places in every US state plus Washington DC that I'll just post it here instead of PMing everyone. For those who would appreciate context, my non-FI but expensive goal is to eat at all 51 eventually.

  28. I have a desktop in my living room, with an in-wall HDMI outlet that connects to a ceiling-mounted projector with 100" screen. The whole thing only took like 1.5 hours to wire up and get running.

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