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  1. the real kicker is that battlepass doesn't have collector tokens, cant even save up to get what ya want.

  2. I’d even take 10/20 for normal and hard dailies.

  3. First time I ever got a Bar Sinister I was still new to the game and did it for a laugh. The other guy must have got a kick out of it too. He hit the “I’m losing” and proceeded to Snap and not play any cards for the next 5 turns to give me the win. What a bro that guy was.

  4. She’s good in a deck with Hela or the Collector.

  5. Exactly. This is like people who want to rank the Lord of the Rings books/films. They aren’t really designed to stand on their own. Picking one or the other is like picking your favorite part of any one-off movie.

  6. The first pirates does stand on its own. If they never made a sequel it didn't leave you with cliff hangers or anything. They probably intended it to be a solo film originally until it blew up in popularity. Then they pumped out 2 and 3 within like a year of eachother. And the series soon began a big nosedive.

  7. Californian here: I've never heard of avocado on pizza.

  8. I’ve lived in California all my life. I’ve looked up pizza menus on Yelp from quite literally every region of the state on various travels. I’ve absolutely never seen avocado on a pizza.

  9. Sad that the math was pretty simple, yet I was still holding my breath.

  10. Something like Ice man, Scorpion, Dare devil, Cosmo, Gambit, Green goblin, Sandman, Shang chi, Enchantress, Hob goblin, Professor X, Aero.

  11. I might drop HG or GG for Wong to really rub some salt in those wounds.

  12. I was going to say Tangela myself, but I have been seeing it pop up in a bunch of YouTube videos and thumbnails recently.

  13. Seel, Omanyte, and Electabuzz. Maybe because seel is so plain looking and it’s name is too in the nose? Electabuzz I just never hear about. I am almost positive that if I rambled off the original 151 right now I would forget it. And Omanyte just straight up gets benched by Kabuto/Kabutops and Aerodactyl.

  14. There’s always a handful of cool looking Pokémon in each gen. For me I can still say they are worse overall. Too many of them are over designed to the point of being hard to decipher. The rest of the bad designs are under designed, but lack the art direction of gen 1 which lent itself to the simplicity of those Pokémon.

  15. Said fuck it and opened four caches which netted me three cards that finish off two decks I’ve been working on. No regerts.

  16. Patriot and Mystique (who I guess weren’t finishing a deck but I had all the pieces to build a Patriot deck with) and then Dr. Doom who I had been waiting on. I also got Moon Knight. At the time I was more excited about the other three, but he’s a good upgrade piece for my discard deck.

  17. Why is Portugal in the East European tier again? You'd think that in the PR metric they'd be in the same tier as Spain.

  18. As an American who is 1/4 Portuguese from an area of California with a lot of Portuguese I’m going to base it off the fact that I’ve had a lot of said Portuguese tell me that they fucking hate Portuguese.

  19. That’s probably why Banshee-44 is always shoving sniper bounties down my throat.

  20. This is one of the worst AMO locations. I’m forced to play a destruction deck. That would be fine but everyone else is playing the same deck, which is boring. I tried changing to other decks, but more than a handful of times I’ve gotten stuck in a game where neither of us can play on more than one location.

  21. Literally climbed 8 ranks this morning running a pool 3 Zoo deck. If you think destruction decks are the only things that work right now, you’re wrong.

  22. I never said you had to. I said I had to. I don’t have enough cards for a proper shutdown or movement deck.

  23. Honestly? I’ve been getting bored of wrestling. I haven’t watched a single show since probably March or April. I just listen to recaps. It all sounds good; WWE even sounds good. I’m not sure how to explain how I feel about the current landscape. Maybe just that everything is so good? Regular-ass TV offers content on par with PPVs. It feels like you aren’t going to see something that will blow you away, because we’ve hit a peak. There doesn’t seem to be anything on offer that I haven’t seen done at an elite level or with masterful care.

  24. As an American I’m confused as to how there’s the number of people who care about the game enough for FIFA to think they’re the shit.

  25. Haven’t played WoW in well over a decade, so not sure if it’s worse or better these days. But I never played DPS. Almost 50/50 tank and heal. And most of the time I could fill a party with people I knew. Yet nothing was worse than needing to find a rando to fill a DPS slot — even worse if there was someone else in the party who hadn’t run the activity before. More than half the time the random DPS would run out in front and just pull entire rooms.

  26. Because I don’t like reading. And history is boring anyway. It’s just easier to be part of a collective mind. That’s why I only vote red, blindly side with police on every matter, believe if big business does better then so do I, and make sure to own the libs every single day.

  27. Looks like a Lego Island mod. Not a bad thing.

  28. Literally all these characters existed in comic book form first. Blame post-Quesada Marvel.

  29. Haven’t even played it yet, but if it plays the same as the first (5th/7th one) then mine is God of War. I have so much trouble explaining why God of War (the modern era ones) are so good.

  30. This makes me realize Nvidia thinks it’s okay because for the entire life of the 3080 it was scalped to shit for well over $1000 and people kept buying them. It’s incredibly shitty of Nvidia to think it’s okay, but at the same time a lot of the blame has to be thrown on the average consumer.

  31. I’ve had two games where each player gets a random deck. The AI is surprisingly good because she was making moves I didn’t even see. She actually won both times.

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