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  1. And when Bob tries to get Linda to stand up for herself but she won’t because “faaaaamily.” Boils my blood.

  2. The airport terminal episode ending was the only time I've ever been actively mad at the show. Linda's mom is revealed to be an awful person and the moral is Bob should just swallow all her bullshit? Woof.

  3. Yeah. He sucks. Glad he's not the president or involved in government in any way, shape, or form.

  4. Sub-Saharan Africa is the future of the world. Enormous amounts of untapped natural wealth, large population, so a large workforce and potential market. The potential is infinite. A smart America would work on building ties there. Because when Africa starts to join the developed world, the nations that built tied in the region will find an enormous return on their investment

  5. There's a reason China is spending so much time, manpower, and resources there!

  6. It is pretty hilarious to watch conservatives pretend to care about historical accuracy all of a sudden lol

  7. But unironically praise Mel Gibson "historical epics."

  8. Yeah. This is not his A material. Or B. Or C.

  9. Honestly a ton of teams would be interested in taking a shot on him for that. Better for the Jets to cut bait and maybe a change of scenery and a different coach can allow him to reach his potential.

  10. Honestly it'd make some sense for the Rams!

  11. Yep. I think it's very interesting that the wrestlers who improve and evolve their styles tend to be associated with certain mentors in AEW. These are often people who sort of get themselves over organically, too. The crowd "picks" them because no matter what your tastes are in wrestling, high quality matches will always stick out to a live crowd.

  12. The Acclaimed's gimmick opened the door but their work is what will keep them at the top - or not.

  13. The thing I think is most impressive about Miz is he might be the least physically gifted guy to ever really "make it" in the Fed.

  14. Smoke has definitely lost a step but he's such a good dude, happy to have him back. If he can become more of a zone-reading WR he could offer some serious value to the team.

  15. He hasn't played this season - at least he'll be fresh!

  16. I'm choosing to look on the bright side.

  17. Bryan going from city to city spouting factual statistics and getting boo'd because he had a rude tone. At most you could say Bryan was being unfair because it's the mega corporations to blame for the most part, but still.

  18. Bryan was MASTERFUL in the Kofi feud. Wouldn't have worked if we didn't love Kofi already, but holy hell what a heel.

  19. I remember first watching him call Kofi a B+ player and I just sat back in awe, thinking of how lucky we all are that he got to come back from retirement.

  20. That was the perfect final touch. A single line that GUARANTEED that Wrestlemania crowd was 100% pro-Kofi.

  21. If you avoid spending time in low-income neighborhoods or housing projects, your chances of getting shot are astronomically small. Weird coincidence innit

  22. Shit you don't even really need to do that. Just don't be in a gang. A massive, massive percentage of gun violence in this country is gang-related. These shootings are very rarely random.

  23. I can’t believe I kissed an 11 year old

  24. The bottom of the ACC is going to be UGLY this year.

  25. That fruitcake has a point. But the answer is to legalize polygamy, not to refrain from criticizing theocracies.

  26. He doesn't really have a point. If he showed up to a stadium in the UK with a "legalize polygamy" shirt on he would be allowed in.

  27. I used to inspect abandoned houses for an insurance company and some of the shit you'd see just sitting there abandoned was pretty wild.

  28. Some really nice cars. Huge collections of antiques. But that was pretty rare. Usually just junk and filth.

  29. This is a fascinating take. The other comments are either like "ez" or "no way, I wouldnt survive", but you are thinking about self sacrifice

  30. That's why I would 1000% do it without hesitation. As long as I knew the money - absolutely insane set-for-generations money- was going to my wife and kids no matter how I turned out in the end...yeah, I'm doing it.

  31. Cuse isn’t already Georgetown??? Both completely irrelevant to the title conversation each year.

  32. I mean, Syracuse won conference games last year, so no.

  33. Moody Foodie. And the Super Bowl commercial one

  34. I don't know if he'd come back for this but he would be incredible on NXT just big-timing everyone and being obnoxious.

  35. Low key I wouldn't be surprised if they threw a life changing amount of money at Myers to work at the PC. I heard Road Dogg on his podcast really putting over Myers, compared him to his brother Brad, just the best carpenter out there. Then I find out his school trained Statlander, Max Caster, oh and MJF. Someone else said The Rock personally chose him to help him train for his match against Cena, so after hearing Road Dogg there's no way they don't make a crazy offer for him to come coach.

  36. Honestly I wouldn't be shocked if they hadn't ALREADY offered him quite a bit.

  37. First rational take in this thread. It’s buffalo, we can handle 2-3 feet of snow over a 48 hour period with plenty of time to clear tomorrow afternoon before the team leaves.

  38. People act like they're flying to New Zealand or some shit. It's DETROIT. As long as they leave by like 5 a.m. Sunday they will be fine. I'm assuming they will get out late Saturday night.

  39. They somehow don't believe in our God even though we've been super mean to them about it! We'll just have to tell them they're going to Hell even LOUDER!

  40. Once in a while I see threads on here or Twitter and it's like "What's the worst/hardest coaching job in Division 1?"

  41. Which is saying something considering it's located smack dab in the middle of the mecca of high school basketball talent that is the Southside of Chicago.

  42. A lot of competition in that area.

  43. Same thing I said about Jake Paul, you don't have to like him, but it's stupid to try and discredit his victories. For instance Floyd Mayweather didn't fight a fighter noteworthy enough to have a Wikipedia page until he was 15-0. Obviously Bobby isn't going to be a top tier fighter given his age alone, but him fighting nobodies or equally inexperienced fighters I'd how things work.

  44. The issue with Jake Paul is he is never going to fight anyone who ISN'T a can.

  45. I would love the idea of that, but also think Canada and Mexico need love in the future too. Maybe like 12 games across Europe, 1-2 in Mexico/Canada, and then a handful of "wildcards" (Asia, Australia, etc.) to round out the schedule would be sick.

  46. Canada is tricky. Not sure if that is in the plans.

  47. Just out of curiosity what's the trickiness with Canada? The NFL is the only of the Big 4 that doesn't have a team there, let alone play there.

  48. A little bit of all of that. I think a big one is the NFL doesn't want to shit all over the CFL. The stadium situation isn't great - but as you said that might change leading up to the World Cup.

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