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Amount charged to get a covid test

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  1. That's absolutely fucking insane. A high quality laboratory test shouldn't cost more than $129, what it costs at CVS.

  2. Oh Lord no. An actual PCR COVID test, is gonna be way more expensive than the self-test kits at the drugstore. I work in an Urgent Care/Walk-in Clinic lab, and I can tell you that just the test supplies (reagents, etc) can approach $100 US for URI testing (COVID/Flu/RSV). That doesn't even touch on other associated costs like the analyzers, staffing, general overhead, etc, etc.

  3. Since it's right below "Spicy Caesar" I'm gonna guess "Spicy Blue Cheese"

  4. Caffeine. Mainly in the form of coffee, if it's energy drinks, it's suddenly much more of an issue, but people take pride in "not functioning without their morning coffee"? The amount of shirts, cups and home decors saying stuff like "don't talk to me before my coffee" or "but first... coffee" baffles me. If you can't function without it, you're addicted, Helen.

  5. When I talk to people about caffeine addiction, I tell them to take all those sayings and replace "coffee/caffeine" with a harder drug like meth, and suddenly it isn't so cute anymore.

  6. Caffeine and meth are hardly equivalent in terms of their harms, though. Replace anything anybody says about any daily ritual with ‘meth’, and it’s gonna sound bad.

  7. Of course they're not the same, the point of the exercise is to recontextualize an addiction to realize it is an addiction. You use a hard drug like meth because it's over the top.


  9. Mika's dying, Joe's laughing at her losing it, and Willie Geist is just trooping along, a consummate professional.

  10. This is a genius idea, if you can remember what the name source of that used that I'd love to learn more

  11. People who pay 8 dollars for Twitter are Nazis?

  12. Not all people who pay for Twitter are Nazis, but there are a lot of Nazis paying for Twitter. There are also a lot of dweebs and weirdos like Kyle Rittenhouse paying for Twitter.

  13. Paying for it requires you to literally reveal your personal identity. That is the entire point of Musk doing this. To destroy the anonymous bots/trolls that have plagued the platform for years.

  14. Okay but like, obviously it doesn't require you to "reveal your personal identity" give all the impersonation of brands that has been going on over the last day or two. Also they

  15. I'm surprisingly unsurprised at how quickly Elon went from "Comedy is back baybeee" to "Fuck you, you weren't supposed to make fun of me!"

  16. It’s slightly yellow but he’s still hydrated according to most charts lol

  17. It's is normal and healthy for your pee to be slightly yellow. Dehydration is bad, yes, but so is water intoxication.

  18. Some may argue that piss is considerably more than slightly yellow.

  19. I mean, these aren't exactly laboratory conditions for urinalysis. All I'm saying is that your urine doesn't have to be and probably shouldn't be perfectly clear. Your kidneys are there to filter stuff out from your bloodstream, so some color is to be expected.

  20. I can't speak to Florida, but Texas is a lot less conservative/regressive than you likely think that it is in your head. Unfortunately it's extremely heavily Gerrymandered so that, barring intervention from the Federal Government to redistrict it, the Democrats will likely never hold power. Hell, this is the case in a lot of states that are "Red States" or even battleground states.

  21. Then why is it the Conservative governor or president win by 1.5+ million votes every 2 years? Nothing points to a majority for democrat's in that state. Same with Florida. Deathsantis won by millions of votes as well.

  22. Because in addition to Gerrymandering, state and local governments in Texas are constantly suppressing the vote in cities, colleges, non-white neighborhoods, etc, etc. Just this last election the state government in Texas

  23. It's hard sometimes, but not complicated; people just gotta set up boundaries and communicate. Just like you should expect a sub to use a safe-word when they're not enjoying themselves, a dom should be comfortable telling a partner when they want them to do something that makes the dom feel uncomfortable.

  24. Now I’m actually considering googling “toast bread band”. Like is that really a thing? And how amazing would it be if it were a thing?!

  25. "Toast bread" is another term for what people in The States call "Sandwich bread."

  26. I choose to believe that's emo-Pintsize on the right.

  27. Or he thought he heard someone say his name.

  28. I can definitely imagine the Death of Fleas riding with him, as the Death of Rats watches…

  29. What if one likes masculine traits in female but likes feminine in umm uk femboys

  30. If you're also attracted to "traditionally" feminine women, gynesexual might be a term, androsexual if your attraction includes masculine men. Otherwise there's skoliosexual, which is an attraction to folks who occupy the nonbinary or genderqueer part of the gender spectrum. Otherwise if you still feel comfortable identifying as gay/straight/bisexual/pansexual, then that's fine, too.

  31. Femsexual/femmesexual or gynosexual/gynesexual. I'm the opposite, an androsexual. I'm attracted to cis men, transmasc folks and some masculine women.

  32. I'm all for normalizing "Good Parenting" as "Dudes being Dudes" stuff, especially if it fits the energy of the subreddit like this post does.

  33. Literally didn't process what it was until reading your comment, that's how bad it is.

  34. Twitch is actually losing a lot of support because of their dumb decisions lately lol

  35. Yeah, there are a few streamers I follow who are actually looking to use YouTube more due to Twitch's latest revenue split shenanigans.

  36. Plenty of those things ran for a long time but they had no hope of becoming profitable. Still worth money though as Google is essentially constantly running test to see what people want and that’s why their product stack is always changing.

  37. I'm still mad about Google Play Music. Great app, great platform, killed in favor of an app and platform with significantly less features.

  38. EDIT: She did help me kill a very large spider just there earlier, maybe she’s just on extra alert to make sure no spiders make their way into the bedroom 🕷️

  39. Joking about greebles aside, there's probably something under the floor there that she can hear which you can't, like a mouse, or a pipe gurgling or and electrical junction box buzzing or whatever.

  40. I think you're way overthinking my jokey opinion about the not actually real people in a video game. I just think Tali and Garrus make a cute couple.

  41. I mean, it's also just a general pro-Garrus post, but go off queen. My liking Tali/Garrus doesn't detract from your liking FemShep/Garrus.

  42. I thought she was going for "Went down on an Oompa-Loompa and it got messy."

  43. Folks who think like that never examine their own biases and sexual hangups. Saying that people who do infantilization play are pedophiles would be like saying a ravishment fantasy makes you a rapist, or puppy play means you literally fuck dogs. It's reductionist bullshit that ignores the fact that the kink community is very big on the importance of care and consent, and that grown adults can get up to whatever they like so long as there's informed consent from all parties.

  44. There definitely are men into ageplay/ddlg who do it with an adult only because they don't think they could get away with doing stuff to a real child. Not all or even most, but they are out there, unfortunately.

  45. Well yes, there are outliers in every group, but that still doesn't excuse blanket statements like "All people who do DDLG are pedophiles."

  46. It’s just kids that want to play pretend but are embarrassed because they’re too old

  47. They just need to go like the rest of us olds and find a LARP or TTRPG group.

  48. Your psych will recognise you as a bumble bee if you keep paying 65 an hour and don’t ask for drugs.

  49. Or they "recognize" that this person thinks they're a system when in reality the psych* has diagnosed them with some other mental illness like Factitious Disorder.

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