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  1. Not a direct answer to your question I think, but I was listening to a podcast the other day — where the interviewee compared the human form as “ai in the mineral/fungi world”. I thought it was quite an interesting perspective, in the same way humanity is using ai to mirror and figure itself out in a way.

  2. Do you have a link/any info on the 1+2=4 instance? I’m interested but can’t find it.

  3. You can try it for free. GPT is a language model, not a calculator. It sucks at math because it wasn't trained to do math.

  4. I’ve used ChatGPT and Bard a bunch; I meant the specific 1+2=4 example you mentioned but weren’t sure we’d seen.

  5. Ah, neat. I was a math major before I switched to philosophy! And yeah, it seems to do well with logic based tasks like coding and proofs, but it often seems to mess up arithmetic, in my experience.

  6. Dunno about high energy, but snipperclips is really fun. River city girls is a blast, even if you're not big on beat 'em ups. If you don't mind fighting games, the guilty gear series is about as high energy as it gets. Puyo puyo Tetris is a favorite of mine, cuphead's great if you don't mind hating each other, and Rayman legends or most Mario games are some solid platformers you can run through as quickly as possible or dick each other over every chance you get.

  7. It's worth saying that loose change is less common these days with the prevalence of credit cards!

  8. I listened to this whole playlist about a year ago. Thank you!!

  9. You can use some ankle straps on your forearms to avoid using your grip. I sometimes have issues with my hands, and it helps to do some sets that way.

  10. Necron warriors are always hella cheap, could be a good place to start?

  11. Yeah, I considered that, but it would be nice to get something with more variety to it? Not a bad call though!

  12. I routinely use a combination of necron and skitari limbs for prosthetics/cybernetics.

  13. Historicals also seem to attract a weird sort of morale outrange. I've had multiple people saying they don't want to play Historicals because it makes them feel weird playing with Nazis.

  14. Check out the movie Deathwatch. Trench warfare horror at its finest.... alas, its also a very very niche genre...

  15. Yeah, and a lot of what I see looks very low budget, lol. Thanks for the rec!

  16. That doesn’t mean what you think it means, take five minutes to read either the speech or a few pages of the book.

  17. Red sorghum is his most famous work. I’m just pointing out that “hallucinatory” doesn’t mean what the OP thinks it means in the context of literature

  18. Yeah, I'm aware. I read a fair amount of literature, including a bit of Can Xue, so I expect "hallucinatory" in a Chinese context to be less out there than William S Burroughs, for a point of comparison.

  19. I designed a free 28mm solo skirmish campaign game partially inspired by this book. It uses tarot cards and hand management rather than dice, and it's also four dimensional.

  20. Can I ask where it’s possible to get non-oracle tarot cards? (I am US based)

  21. Amazon and etsy are good choices. For the theme of the game, I really like the Deviant Moon deck.

  22. Who intended that? Why is the mysterious "They"? Do you think people like Trump are working hard on better AI algorithms so they don't need to worry about the insane shit they do anymore?

  23. As a nonbinary person, that's me. I'm responsible for all conspiracies.

  24. This is a classic tripper movie, practically designed for it. For sure one of my go to's.

  25. A better word would be convocation: with/together+vocation

  26. It typically refers to a group of people being assembled, often Christian religious leaders.

  27. I’ve always had a major interest in nootropics, and did some minimal research on developing a stack for myself, but I can’t really afford them atm.

  28. Noopept works decently for me acutely. I used to stack oxiracetam and aniracetam years ago, and it seemed to make a small but noticeable difference.

  29. Spellbound by Chaweon Koo is pretty good. More "witch" than "occultist," but still kinda chaosy.

  30. By that time it would probably drown in the sea of other AI generated movies though.

  31. It was kind of a joke, but yeah. You'd need people to have a reason to care about what you made, same as the countless unheard tracks on SoundCloud.

  32. I think the biggest problem is that futuristic themes doesn't mesh well with esoteric or new age sprituality. AI religions will be seen as a joke like pastafarianism unless it innovates better pragmatic concepts.

  33. I treated AI as "digital entheogens" when writing the first occult books to use AI (

  34. Well if you want to take things literally?

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