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  1. Thanks so much for the feedback! That’s a good point about the setting being so high.. didn’t catch that.. hope to address with jeweler tomorrow and maybe find a lower profile setting

  2. I have a high profile, 2.72ct oval solitaire (size 6.5) and I also work in healthcare, I’ve had no issues wearing mine! I would check with her to be sure, everyone is different and the general consensus is to have a lower setting for durability purposes and because of the gloves. The setting is beautiful and the 2.4 is a great size! Congratulations on your upcoming engagement!!

  3. This happened to me literally last month. Worked there for 5 years when they suddenly laid off the PIC same day with no prior notice. I started looking for jobs immediately after that. The owners sold to someone in Dallas, so I could only assume the owner was planning to move the pharmacy license to Dallas, but I wasn’t told anything. The lack of communication stressed me out so I jumped ship and luckily found a job in a hospital shortly after.

  4. Look into wrongful termination and try to file for unemployment, this so wrong of them to do! Are they an “at will” employer?

  5. I think It would really help adding it in, since it adds to your experience in patient care, medical terminology, and knowledge of medication.

  6. I have over ten years of experience as a CPhT and I'm trying to get out of retail myself. But I'm failing. I can't even get something entry level pharmacy-wise. I'm not the best at interviews so no one cares about my experience.

  7. I’m not the best people person either and i clam up during interviews, but I used my time at the CVS to build up people and communication skills as much as I could and I feel it really helped me. I just have to get over the anxiety of an interview, but in the end, the hiring team are just people, and will often be cool about it, at least in my experience.

  8. Is the sound in his belly? That’s interesting, where is the BaB logo?

  9. the sound is in his belly and the BaB logo is on his bottom near the tail! Here’s a photo from a review on YouTube! I forgot to take a photo of mine and I’m not home at the moment!

  10. As someone else said, I get all mine from Walmart and they're pretty decently priced. I get compliments all the time from patients and co-workers about them.

  11. Scrub star brand from Walmart has never done me wrong 🤣 lasted me 5 yrs so far (just gotta make sure I stay a smedium 💀 (medium top and small in bottoms)

  12. I make $21 hourly at a independent pharmacy, HOWEVER… they just recently sold their 3 locations and told me I was basically SOH once the change in ownership happens :/ I’ve been desperately searching for a remote job for 4 months and haven’t had any luck :(

  13. I think he looks super cute! I would not have gotten him if his face was sad imho so I’m very happy that they gave him a cute happy face !

  14. Bummed that it says not available for delivery 😢

  15. Really? My order went through l, now I’m nervous! I didn’t buy anything else like scents or clothes though

  16. TX, independent pharmacy. $21/hr. Been working there for about 5 yrs and am currently searching for a remote position, the pharmacy is being sold and I’m not sure where I’ll be in 3 months :/

  17. I have these plushies! I alternate them when I go out and keep them in my purse !

  18. Mew for me! Perfect to hold and can be used as a pillow as well!

  19. My ring was ready before I even thought about it sweaties!

  20. I felt the same way when I started as a tech! Keep asking questions! The way I see it, I ask questions because if I don’t and it turns out I made a mistake, then there’s extra time taken to fix it when I could have asked the question and gotten help to get it done correctly the first time. At least that’s what I always told the techs I trained! Always ask questions! Better safe than sorry, and you will catch on in time with repetition ! Don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s a lot of info to take in and get used to as a new tech! You are doing great!

  21. Some of the pics from reviews on their etsy..oh my

  22. LMFAO I saw that review picture too, it nearly popped out of my screen and poked me in the eye

  23. I deleted and redownloaded the app before knowing the site was down and now I’m locked out :( I hope they fix this soon.

  24. Same here! I forgot my password so I had to wait until this morning to reset it bc even the link wasn’t working !

  25. Try removing the scent if you added one! Some people are saying it says out of stock if you add a scent

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