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  1. Would love a chance to win a pagoda, thank you for doing this. Number 133 :D

  2. Mochi would be a sweet name for a ragdoll with a sweet disposition :) thank you for doing this!

  3. Wow that’s strange! I TT back a day and nothing happened, she wasn’t even in boxes. But I went ahead another day and she is now. Hopefully they made a change since then, or maybe it’s because I didn’t travel back more than a day? Either way, thank you so much for your response! :)

  4. So if you trigger the new day announcement by Isabelle, then the day will count as a new one. Keep in mind it takes villagers 2 days from the day you tell them to go (day 1, you tell them to go, day 2,they are in boxes, day 3, plot is empty and ready).

  5. Thank you for the explanation, that’s a lot of help O_O will definitely keep that in mind! So if I time travel, say, 3 days backwards with no Isabelle announcement, nothing will change, yes?

  6. I would still advise against TT'ing back to present until you are happy with your villager arrangement.

  7. Would love the birthday hat (pink). I see you have in your wanted list the pawprint doorplate? I have the DIY for it if you would like that instead of the item?

  8. I actually have the DIY but I never have the materials to make one :/

  9. I can make it for you with my materials if you like, it's just 3 wood XD you want it customized to dark grey, correct?

  10. Hello! I would love the mum cushion, please! :)

  11. Thank you kind person! I'll chat you in a minute.

  12. Just in case you did not know, cataloging a Saharah wallpaper won't allow you to buy it from your catalog. Unless you are just looking to use it at Harv's island.

  13. These are the tracks I’ve collected so far, and the album art showed up in my storage at Harv’s. Normally, if you don’t register the song you can display it on your wall apparently!

  14. Or, you can order an extra copy of any song (save 5) and display it on your wall in your house or on Harv's.

  15. No. The game will log the days you need from the day you tell your villager to move out. You can tt forward one day to get him/her in boxes, one more day to get an empty plot, then you need to find your new villager. Don't move back forward until you have found your new villager. Unless you don't care who moves in.

  16. So if I move back to Sunday (5 days from my games time) I will have someone moved in?

  17. Correct. If that is what you want then you can tt back to present day. If that is not what you want then go back to my original comment.

  18. That's actually the Firewood DIY crafted item and not just the dropped material

  19. Yay thank you so much! Please let me know if you are looking for anything as well, would love to help out as well :)

  20. Hello kind peeps :) looking to catalog the last wallpaper I need:

  21. hi! I have a pink quilt wall :)

  22. Hi guys :) I’m looking for these last few more common diys. Thank you so much!

  23. You can find the rope fence diy in your nook stop as well, the fence diys rotate so check there every day.

  24. Hi there, would love to sign up for Monday 8am :D thank you as always for doing this for us.

  25. Hi, I'd love to have the fruit wreath DIY if it's still available!

  26. Was originally signed up for the PM session, but it looks like I can't make it, would love to do this one instead and thank you!

  27. If Patty is still available, I would love hers. She was my first peppy and I let her go before I realized photos were a thing. Thank you doing this for us :)

  28. Does anyone have a yellow lawn chair that I can catalog? Happy to look at wishlists too :)

  29. Just so you know, the moon rug is a seasonal item that isn't out yet but will be on Sept 7 and will be purchasable from your Nook stop.

  30. Oh my god, poor Jitters! I really have a soft spot for this Brasileiro birdy, I always thought his jitters was from the coffee 😂☕

  31. Appreciate the data collecting and the efficiency of this set-up. Top quality post, thank you for this, especially with the super helpful pics!

  32. Free DIYs for anyone who would like them, just comment below :)

  33. May I have the ironwood chair plz?

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