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The term "meme stock" is what boomers use to make it seem like we're young & dumb kids that don't know anything about investing when really most of us are approaching middle age and know a fuckton more than they do.

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  1. *ADA law. (Americans with Disabilities Act)

  2. There’s many apes here just for the money, including me. You don’t have to be a Gamestop or RC fanboy to be part of the club.

  3. You have a strong skeletal structure and it deserves a healthy and well fed body worthy of encasing it.

  4. Pigs are more intelligent than dogs, do you have the same reaction to white people eating pork?

  5. That wall deserved it for being in the presence of a grief-stricken iron-boned machine such as yourself

  6. I'm trying not to seem humble braggy here but yeah it's nice getting a "wow" reaction when they first see it but the actual mechanics of sex can be pretty bad at times.

  7. I don't know whether you are male or female, but I respect your dedication to the big O.

  8. Posting a picture of an incel wasn't necessary when he's already one

  9. He's a good man who did bad things, He then slowly becomes the good man he is at the end of the game

  10. Dutch and Micah are good. John is alright...still looks weird.

  11. I think I am interested in working past it. Especially given we have kids. My instinct, in fact, is to ignore it. But I am worried it will eat away at me.

  12. Then you might as well have an open or cuckold type relationship. People talk about trust blahblahblah but there's no real trust once the line of infidelity has been crossed. Staying or leaving is your choice, but if you stay it's never going to be a real monogamous relationship.

  13. I don't know man, sometimes I feel like posts like these are the fud posts. I never see or hear about fud until I see a post like this.

  14. Are you kidding? There's comments HERE on this post literally saying that MOASS isn't going to happen lol

  15. For real this is why people think everyone here is a clown. There's gonna be 50,000 people richer than Elon Musk just by holding onto some stocks, and no one can do anything about it? Listen to yourselves guys. We've been inching closer to $0 and $50 seems great about now, I'd kill for $10,000.

  16. Do you worship Elon Musk? Is he somehow better than any one of us that he is just somehow entitled to exorbitant wealth? Does any other person being that wealthy somehow break the rules of reality?

  17. Look up Operation Legacy, that’s why.

  18. The amount of price anchoring and FUD in the comments is concerning....

  19. To everyone talking about huge share prices, take a step back and a deep breath. Comfy? Ok boo, I'm sorry but I'm going to hurt your feelings now.

  20. TSLA had a greater market cap than all the top producing car companies combined despite profiting far less than any of them. The markets are illogical.

  21. If you touched GME, you're gonna have a bad time

  22. It is incel BS. It's one thing to struggle fitting in with society, it's another to turn to misogyny or any other form of bigotry as an outlet for one's resentment and alienation.

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