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  1. I have never watched this show again after seeing it live. For obvious reasons.

  2. I watched it on YouTube during the very early days and decided to rewatch it today for whatever reason, both times the full unedited show. It’s a surreal watch.

  3. Maika and Utami painting the town red with the occasional cut to Himeka and Saya staring at the clock/phone would be comedy gold.

  4. Maika and Utami have a drunken tag match with Saya and Himeka, but the latter are just there to take care of them.

  5. First one to get her partner to eat some pizza and stop texting her ex wins.

  6. Not just that… HE WAS OPEN ABOUT IT IN PUBLIC! Like, how stupid can you be to brag about it on Twitter with random people?!

  7. Seriously, that’s like day 1 of doing illegal shit 101. Silence is golden.

  8. When I was a kid my stepmom had a lab and we had to spell out bath if we said it, otherwise she’d freak out in excitement.

  9. AEW has made a fuck ton of mistakes but giving Jeff Jarrett screen time is high up there.

  10. Hot girl on a monster title run who can’t wrestle but it’s okay because she attracts non wrestling fans I guess?

  11. Mitsuharu Misawa and Kenta Kobashi have to be high up there for universally loved individual wrestlers.

  12. This was tough because I love and still play all of these games but here’s mine:

  13. Nothing is going to change lol just watch one of the other many good wrestling companies.

  14. She’s one of the most overrated women’s wrestlers in America.

  15. Where’s the money in Sasha trying to carry a greener than goose shit Jade to a watchable match? I’d rather see her wrestle people that can keep up.

  16. I remember ewrestlingnews posting about noticing a bald spot was missing that night and that it was a giveaway that it was a wig. It was just for that night.

  17. When was this supposedly good singles match bc I don’t recall

  18. Tbh Bray always seemed like the type of guy that’s better off being in movies rather than actually being a wrestler. His gimmick is good but most of his matches are mediocre at best and his only great one was with Danielson (who is great with almost anyone)

  19. Exactly. There’s no doubt he’s creative and I’d definitely watch a movie he made but as far as wrestling he’s brutal.

  20. This was from the roast of Zakk Wylde though and had nothing to do with wrestling fans.

  21. Bobby Fish is a fucking idiot but in fairness, either way it’s WWE’s watered down version of the match.

  22. I’ve only just recently got into Stardom (I’ve known about it for a while, but I’ve only been following for about a year), and it’s absolutely ruined American women’s pro wrestling for me.

  23. That’s what happened to me as well. I was frustrated and underwhelmed with the scope of women’s wrestling in America so I decided to branch out. I fell in love with joshi and it completely killed my interest in what’s happening in AEW, WWE, or Impact’s women’s divisions.

  24. I’m a fan of this movie and I swear I’ve seen this photo or photos from this scene more than I’ve seen my own father. What’s funny is they both blow the guy and I think one of them calls him daddy but that’s never been posted.

  25. I mean they’re both overrated, have punchable faces, and skippable matches, so maybe you’re onto something.

  26. I would be beyond shocked if that happened. I hope she either does a short run in Japan or decides to move on.

  27. Diet Coke is so fucking gross. It tastes like someone drank normal Coke, pissed it out, and bottled it.

  28. I love Utami but poor Saya has fallen for a Grade-A fuccboi. Just look at the rolled up joggers she loves to wear, it’s a dead giveaway that she’s gonna make you melt then break your heart in the name of coolness. All she’s missing is a backwards snapback and a polo shirt.

  29. If your in a shared apartment laundry situation you set a timer on your phone, some newer ones even have apps. If you leave your laundry sitting in somebody else's way for extended times you are the problem

  30. I used to use those amenities at my apartment and yeah setting an alarm is not only common courtesy but also smart. The last thing I’d want to do is give someone the chance to steal my clothes because I was lazy.

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