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  1. Why does this include the results for the three doses of tilavonemab, but not for the placebo group?

  2. Three different amounts of the drug. As for placebo it would be 'hard' to devise 3 different amounts of nothing in solution. Maybe one could lie to the control group and tell them that they are getting different doses of the nothing solution. The article compares the effects to the placebo, hence the results are implicit in the design.

  3. Sadly, despite earlier reports of (slight) efficacy this study found that treatment with Tilavonemab wasn't significantly better than placebo.

  4. While this study focuses on a subset of psychiatric/neurological disorders, only part of what has been reported as 'long covid', I find it interesting in that it looks at more than one question in the diagnosis that the reported syndrome may be responsible for.

  5. So it's not that much cheaper? How many coal fired power plants are in the u.s.?

  6. The anarchist cinema of Jean Vigo

  7. We will not die at work so that they can let the planet die !

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