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The Toronto Raptors Are the 2019 NBA Finals Champions!

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  1. Wait...did you just correlate being gay to War, Disease & Famine & an agenda to control the world? Then follow it up by saying "but gay rights though" lmao

  2. The desired result is population control. By any means possible. Think about the diseases that we have cured (polio, measles and others to name a few) why is it that in this day in age, we cant seem to cure the same amount of diseases as we used to. Why not? Because of money and population control. Nothing homophobic here. If anything in history now in day is the least amount of homophobia ever and a larger amount of people are accepting this community. What i am trying say is that the government is embracing this movement for the reasons stated above. That's all. If you cant accept that thought as a suggestion then I guess you're not that opened minded after all.

  3. So not only do you correlate gay people with diseases & war then proceed to say the government is embracing them in any way shape or form? Just wanted to clarify make sure I'm reading what you're saying properly.

  4. I can totally see the whole "give guns and drugs to poor people and watch them kill themselves " as also being part of the population control. Never did I say that gays are governmental robots, just saying that the governments of the world see an opportunity and ride that gay wave, while reaping the benefits of it (which is plenty) I can see your arguments and there is nothing wrong with that. Hell, maybe it's both, we may be on to something here. Stay open free one.

  5. You've awakened the soccer moms.. May the good lord have mercy upon you.

  6. I absolutely love it. I guess because it hits home and describes what I am going through in life.

  7. Let the heavens rain hell fire on them fuckers. Let's go at it! We can bomb the hot shit out of them. I am not a Trump supporter by the way..

  8. I would just suggest an air campaign. No boots on the ground. Maybe Navy too. But have it all rain down on them! Finally do what Alex the great and mr Khan couldn't do. I mean indiscriminately and utterly obliterate them. We should have dealt with them 40 years ago.

  9. Mine hasn't gone into creep mode. Dont want to find out what that is.

  10. That looks a lot like my Ford C-max info screen.

  11. Not a fan of basketball but fuck yeah I'm happy to see a cup Championship Trophy come back to Canada!

  12. What cup? They don't play for cups in basketball. And if you mean a championship, a Canadian team has never won before so how could something return, if it was never there to begin with! Fucken bandwagon turdflowers! Really good game tho.

  13. I guess you missed the first couple words where I said I'm not a fan of Basketball... Please excuse my ignorance on the Championship Trophy.

  14. Sure thing homie! At least maybe next time you won't make it so obvious that you know absolutely nothing about something you are commenting about, and for I also say, you're welcome. By the way what do Canadian call Canadian bacon?

  15. Bro that's weird and sick. But I like it. Serves them right. Vengeance is best served with pee mayo.

  16. It has to be one for the worst kinds of injuries one can imagine as a guy

  17. If dropping your phone on your jewels is painfull, cant even imagine what this is like. I agree, worst kind of pain.

  18. They’re still out there, trying to preach and not starve to death at the same time.

  19. I dont know about starving to death..again I have a few friends that are out there and they are always having bbqs and steak nights and carne asadas, I mean some of them eat better than they did at home. Let's not fall into the hating game and lie about them starving. My question in regards to any of them quiting or if they have stopped preaching and similar situations. (Them not staving and having a good diet is a fact)

  20. Groups of family/jovenes oberos sent to preach to cities/towns where there is yet no church

  21. Have you heard anything from them they seem to not want to talk about what might be going through their minds.

  22. That's fake. I lived in the Coachella valley and there IS a museum. I never went there but I know it's there.

  23. I'm thinking they reject naason and chose a new one and just write him off as corrupt.

  24. But that wouldn't be as simple. As far as I know the church is built upon Apostles and prophets with Jesus as the chief cornerstone. This is a major pivotal moment for lldm. If only there was a way to get thru this would so much pain and shame.

  25. Do you think they'll use the Judas narrative?

  26. So I've been following these events but cant find what the counts are. Is it true or is it like just an allegation? My question is if he got detained, why are many catholic priest still running around? Shouldn't the same apply?

  27. Make it a goal to get out and experience what you want in life. I believe if you go out and experience something cool like Hawaii or the Grand Canyon or paintballing or anything cool like that it would help. Plus you might meet someone really cool along the way. Just dont deny yourself a chance at life. Anyone who reads this can agree that life isn't fair and can most often than not be stressful but remember that those aren't the moments than define life itself. Its those good memories that we make, whether it's a small insignificant grill out or a really cool planed out vacation. Give yourself that chance. Good luck! Your on this world for a reason... find it.

  28. Nah, I just realized that you're an idiot and there is no use in trying to bring some sense into your way of thinking. If you think Africa is represented by those commercials that ask for your money than go ahead, (which by the way destroys the way of life in those places and is designed to keep them impoverished). If you think that working for a company that refuses to upgrade their equipment is worth risking you life over is ok, than by all means remain an idiot.

  29. Dont make an arse out of your self.. you're already an idiot.

  30. Does reverse psychology work on Idiots?

  31. The fact that I cant see a single tattoo makes it even cooler!

  32. Everyone is just relaxing and Scarlett Johansson is striking a pose!

  33. Is that what they call an angry sandwichless man with his sink full of dirty dishes nowadays?

  34. Sucks to be you... Just keep it going for as long as you can. Chances are you will not end up with her for the rest of your life, so just make the memories while you can. And if you do, it'll all be a very awkward memory.. lol! Good stuff tho!

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