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  1. the distance bw his interviewing ability and writing/analytical capability is staggering and unmatched

  2. He's had some bangers tbh. I worry that being forced to crank out an NYT hot take every 14 days will turn him into Thomas Friedman.

  3. i promise not to dunk or argue but can you point to a banger ezra klein column

  4. His writing on the Supreme Court has been pretty good imo. He goes into the need to formulate a left wing response to conservative judicial theory, which I haven't heard too many others elaborate on.

  5. There's a lot of hate for Eastern Wa from Western Wa people too. See the posts like this one in this sub evert couple months.

  6. They want to "protect" democracy the same way Hitler's brownshirts did

  7. I really don't understand the push for bugs. Beans + legumes are nutritious, environmentally friendly, and a much easier sell than bugs.

  8. So glad that this guy can buy weapons in our state. Hopefully not for long.

  9. Price controls are crappy policy that always backfires. Will SCC ever learn? I'm not holding my breath.

  10. I would never in my wildest dreams consider Carly "ugly" but I see what you mean. She ain't no Joni Mitchell, in the same vein that Mick Jagger was no Robert Redford.

  11. "Ugly hot" means she has features that are deemed ugly by conventional standards - a mouth that's a little too large, slight facial asymmetry. I think these people are extra hot because their little imperfections subvert our expectations in a way that delights, kind of like a funny joke or a clever painting.

  12. CS obviously isn't 'ugly', but I think there is something 'wrong' looking about her face, and that this is what makes her attractive to people, like all her facial features are slightly too big for her face, kind of the opposite of plain

  13. Good job to the 2nd amendment enthusiasts who helped him achieve his dreams.

  14. Its a crisis and a failure. Except we have vaccines and treatments that are being rolled out as we speak. Take a chill pill Arpoorva.

  15. i never understood this. so once they get over their initial shock, the romans kill them all. then what. send in the backup elephants. fuckin idiot

  16. He was hoping the Romans would sue for peace I think? It's the Japan 1941 strategy.

  17. Why do anti gun people love to start shit and talk about penis so much? Goes both ways...kinda like you do with that username.

  18. Why are you hanging out in this sub looking for arguments lol

  19. This law is blatantly unconstitutional and the fact you use such childish and dismissive language against the extremely reasonable criticisms of it speaks to the disdain with which you treat any right you don't agree with.

  20. Yikes! Just curious, what wasyour HCG level and whattype of cancer did you have? My wife has level 8-9 and we can't figure out why yet.

  21. This is a losing issue for Dems. Many Dems want and support the second amendment more and more after seeing the current Republican party. It's the only way to defend ourselves from criminals.

  22. Mass shootings are to the gun industry what lung cancer was to the tobacco industry.

  23. Chukis tacos. EDIT: downvote all you want. You know and i know that paying four bucks for one tiny disappointing bite of a taco is not cash money. Lol

  24. Incredibly overrated. The tacos contain tiny amounts of meat, and it's always dry and overcooked.

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